Fight of the giants – By Ejike Anyaduba


When on March 29, 1987, at the Pontiac Silverdome, Pontiac, Michigan, USA, Hulk Hogan( Terry Eugene Bollea) wrestled the legendary Andre the Giant ( Andre Rene Roussimoff), nobody gave Hogan a chance.

He was the underdog in the fight and was nearly almost glossed over as a no-hoper. Every attention was on Andre who until that time had suffered no defeat in 15 years. He was a giant both in size and strength. Standing head and shoulders taller than everyone else, he weighed almost twice Hogan’s size, chalking about 520 pounds against Hogan’s 302.

However, in the well-attended fight – one of the largest indoor events of the time with well over 93, 000 attendance, the unexpected happened. In a clean finish, Hogan went over Andre through a takedown never recorded in the wrestling career of the French Giant.

We are wresting against giants with no want of power and money in subverting the will of the people. And these giants seem decided to hang onto the usurpation unless something gives.

But a Hulk Hogan has risen…and will take it back. Only “be strong and of good courage”.

Ejike Anyaduba



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