Nigeria: A country with a higher squandered young generation – By Zaharaddeen Muhammad Azare 

It’s our day, the youth. The youthful age is the most interesting, vibrant and active period in one’s life where a person is robust to acquire knowledge, skills and experience for both his personal and communal benefits.
Many countries use this category of people to achieve what they intend to achieve but the question is “is Nigeria using it younger generation  for it national development or misusing the gift? The answer is clear and understandable that Nigeria isn’t positively using it younger generation to achieve greatness, you don’t need  to conduct a research to arrive at the fact that the development of a society depends on the productivity of it younger generation which ours is characterized by unfruitfulness, mediocrity, laziness resulted by bad quality of education, irresponsible parenting, drug abuse, you mentioned them.
Nigerian politicians use these instruments of hunger, unemployment extreme poverty and ignorance to abuse this gift by turning people of this category into political thugs, bandits rapists, Yahoo guys, kidnappers, prostitutes and engage different forms of social vices that are of dentriment effect to the society.
It’s time we make efforts within the ambit of law to fight this our marginalization.
Zaharaddeen Muhammad Azare writes from Maiduguri, Borno State.


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