Criminal And Fraudulent Activities Of Barrister Reuben Osita Nwosu, The Auditor General For Local Governments, And How He Loots Funds


2nd February, 2021

His Excellency

Senator Hope Uzodinma

Executive Governor

Imo State, Nigeria

C/o The Chief of Staff

Government House Owerri

Your Excellency,

My name is Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha. I am a well known

Socio-Political Crusader in this country, and a former Senior Special

Assistant on Media at the Imo State House of Assembly. I also served

the State at the Legislative Arm of Government as the Senior Special

Assistant on Special Duties. My antecedence is well known, and I have

in no small measure helped in moving the State forward, in many areas

of interest.

        Leadership is all about solving problems. Leadership is about getting

results. Your Excellency, you have demonstrated beyond belief that you

are a leader. For example, you have done for Ikenegbu Layout

Extension, specifically, Relief Market road, what previous governments

in the last 22 years could not do. This is just one of the signature

projects of your leadership. Your profile of courage and versatility

in leadership is very encouraging and intimidating.

I am truly impressed. But there are areas that need improvement and adjustments.

        My nature as a Socio-Political Crusader does not allow me to keep

quiet when things are going wrong in my environment. On this note,

Your Excellency, I wish to bring to your notice the criminal and

fraudulent activities of one Barrister Reuben Osita Nwosu, who is

parading himself as the Auditor General for Local Governments, and how

he loots State and Local Governments funds running into Billions of


        Barrister Reuben Osita Nwosu is the major reason why there are many

uncompleted projects in the state. He is one of the reasons why some

Civil Servants are being owed salary.

Who is Barrister Reuben Osita Nwosu?

1.      Barrister Reuben Osita Nwosu joined Civil Service on the 20th of

March 1979, and was to have retired on the 20th of March 2014. He has

so far spent 42 years in Civil Service. He has been manipulating

successive governments on/with false presentation of his records.

2.      He was indicted by the committee report on the verification

exercise (in 2020) which confirmed and exposed the salary padding

racketeering syndicate through manipulation of pay roll system. He and

his  cartel (in the Civil Service) diverts hundreds of millions of

naira monthly from Local Government Councils.

3.      He was issued a letter of retirement dated 6th January 2020 by the

Head of Service with Directive to handover to the most Senior Director

vide letter NO: HIS/S66/T2/318. This was years after he reportedly

connived with his syndicate comprising of a High Profile Secretary in

Government to issue a circular with forged signature of then Governor

Rochas Okorocha which extended his service after 2014.

4.      He once supervised a salary committee headed by Former Auditor

General for State, Mr. Anthony Kamalu, with Former ISIEC Chairman,

Ethelbert Ibeabuchi as Secretary. Their assignment (job) was to pay

roll every Civil Servant in the State. They used a front, Mr. Isaac

Ofoha, who is the HOD Finance, who he handpicked on Grade Level 08.

They lumped various amounts on salary figures of various ministries

and local governments. One of the syndicates include an Accountant in

the Accountant General’s Office who authorizes the funding. The said

Accountant has since confessed to me when I confronted him with facts,

that he acted based on instruction from the Accountant General during

the said period. The excess is pulled and shared in “Ghana Must Go”

bags monthly. The bubble burst when Mr. Anthony Kamalu retired and

they refused to bring in the current Auditor General for State, who

then exposed the fraud.

5.      He manipulated and deceived the State Government by appealing to

the Governor to allow him stay up to 7th of June 2020, which His

Excellency unknowingly but graciously and magmimosly approved, vide

Head of Service Letter NO: HIS/S.06/T.2/359 of 30th January 2020.

6.      7th of June 2020 has come and gone, yet Barrister Reuben Osita

Nwosu has refused to handover, Rather, he has continued to parade

himself as the Auditor General for Local Governments.

7.      He is today claiming that he retired on the 7th of June 2020, but

Your Excellency gave him Extension of Service, in an Office that has

Experienced Officers, which include, Five Chief Auditors, Two

Directors, Two Deputy Directors whom he has continued to harass,

intimidate, strangulate and malign.

The Question now is; What is Extension of Service in the Imo State

Civil Service?

Extension of Service is simply extending a person’s service to the

State Government beyond the expected Age, Date and Time he would have

ordinarily retired. This clearly means that once a person has formally

retired from a given position in government, his services to the state

government, for that position cannot be extended.

        It is therefore an anomaly for Barrister Reuben Osita Nwosu to

dubiously and criminally claim that his service as the Auditor General

for Local Government was “Extended” after he admitted he retired on

the 7th of June 2020.

        Your Excellency, with due respect, why would a man who has attained

retirement age, or time be retained when other productive and

qualified people are there, with fresh and better ideas, waiting to

fill in the gaps. Is it not unfortunate some persons do not see the

unconstitutionality and illegality in asking a man who has retired

from a particular office to continue holding same office, thereby

stiffening growth, promotion, employment and Human Development?

        Your Excellency, as the face of corruption in the local government,

Barrister Reuben Osita Nwosu deceived and manipulated the state

government to use consultants in running, disbursement and management

of the Local Government Funds, with the HOD Finance (one Mr. Isaac

Ofoha). He brought consultants who deducts N5 million from each L.G.A

as “service charge”, and there are 27 LGAs in the state. Thereby,

making illegal deductions running into N135 million every month.

What then is the duty and function of the Finance Department of the

Local Government? Clearly, the use of consultants have rendered the

Finance Department moribund.

        Another area of corruption which Barrister Reuben Osita Nwosu

spearheads, is salary padding. Available Document on the verification

exercise carried out in the 27 Local Government Councils of the state

show much padding is done in the councils and the salary master sheet.

(please see attached document).

Using the month of March 2020 as a base, it was discovered that a

total sum of One hundred and three million, eight hundred and sixty

one thousand, one hundred and fifty eight naira fifty four kobo

(N103,861,158.54K) was actually padded by the various Local Government

Councils for the month of March 2020. There is a systematic and

continuous padding of salaries through manipulation on salary grade

levels, irregular and illegal recruitment and promotion etc.

Therefore, if the padded salary of N103,861,158.54K for the month of

March 2020 is taken as the baseline, a total of yearly average sum of

N1,246,333,902.48K (One billion, two hundred and forty six million,

three hundred and thirty three thousand, nine hundred and two naira

forty eight kobo) would have been frittered away by the fraudulent and

criminal mafia syndicate, comprising of Barrister Reuben Osita Nwosu,

as the Auditor General, His salary committee led by Mr. Isaac Ofoha

(HOD Finance) Treasurers and The pay rollers.

Your Excellency, this practice has been going on since Barrister

Reuben Osita Nwosu emerged as the Auditor General for Local Government

in 2011 (ten years running). One can therefore argue confidently that

the local government system has cumulatively lost a whooping sum of

over N13 Billion Naira on padding of salary alone, from Barrister

Reuben Osita Nwosu and his Mafia gang.

Your Excellency, further investigations have since confirmed that

Barrister Reuben Osita Nwosu is a Billionaire by every standard no

wonder he is a proud owner of over forty eight choice properties.

1.      I have identified some of these properties in Nigeria.

2.      He reportedly owns properties in South Africa, United States of

America and London.

3.      He reportedly owns Water and Bottling factory at Naze near Owerri.

4.      In his Local Government of Ideato South, he acquired a large

expanse of land, reportedly put at over 300 plots.

5.      He has landed properties across the state, especially in

Ohaji/Egbema and Owerri-West LGAs, where he reportedly has large

expanse of land, put at over 500 plots.

6.      He acquired 2 Hilux SUVs, 4 Ford SUVs and 2 Hummer Buses for the

office. The buses were never delivered. The Hilux vehicles arrived but

later disappeared till date. He is using one of the Ford vehicles in

addition to three other official vehicles. In effect, he should

account for the whereabouts of 8 vehicles in his possession.

I have therefore decided to take the following bold steps and actions

to deal decisively with Barrister Reuben Osita Nwosu and his mafia

syndicate, as follows.

1.      To respectfully demand that Your Excellency sack Barrister Reuben

Osita Nwosu, without further delay.

2.      To demand for the arrest and prosecution of Barrister Reuben Osita

Nwosu, without further delay.

3.      To demand for the immediate sack, arrest and prosecution of Mr.

Isaac Ofoha (HOD Finance).

4.      To demand for the confiscation of building properties vehicles and

landed properties and companies established and acquired by Barrister

Reuben Osita Nwosu, with local government and state government

diverted funds. I have identified some of these properties.

5.      To lead a statewide protest for the arrest and prosecution of

Barrister Reuben Osita Nwosu for defrauding the state and local

government system.

6.      To involve the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC,

through a petition and backed up with documented evidences.

Your Excellency, it is because I do not want the State Government to

Misinterpret and Misrepresent my actions and desire to call a spade a

spade by involving the Anti-corruption Agency, in my decision to deal

decisively with the very corrupt Auditor General for Local Government,

Barrister Reuben Osita Nwosu, I have decided to formally alert you by

submitting this very petition.

        This is to give Your Excellency the honour, respect, privilege and

opportunity to take action by treating this subject matter.

        Your Excellency, I am therefore calling on you to rise to this

challenge and rescue the state from the criminal gang of Barrister

Reuben Osita Nwosu by doing the needful.

Accept my surest regards.

Hon. Dr. Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha FCAI, MKDA




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