Water Resources Bill Spells Doom For Communities It Will Affect – Group


… wants other governors to emulate Ortom to save Nigeria

The Tiv Youth Organisation (TYO) worldwide has described the Federal Government plan for the passage of the National Water Resources Bill as a death sentence on communities that would be affected by the bill.

It appealed to governors of the other states to emulate governor Sanuel Ortom of Benue state, who rejected the bill, arguing that thir continued fence sitting will soon lead to national paralysis.

This is even as the Benue state Governor, Samuel Ortom has advised members of the National Assembly (NASS) to throw out the bill.

But briefing journalists after the meeting of Indegenous Ethnic Youth Leaders of Nigeria, President, TYO, Timothy Hembaor, observed that “Miyetti Allah have moved from trying to grab land through pretences, and is now using its proxy; the FG to grab water ways across the country to the exclusive preserve of the FG.”

He said “how can any responsible government rationalise the conversion of water to the exclusive preserve of the FG, just so that Fulani herdsmen would have unfettered access to green grass and foliage across the country.

“Has this government pondered on why the Fulani have become a scourge to communities in Nigeria?, he asked rhetorically.”

While he explained that “Our land and grass have not changed” he said “it is the Fulani that have changed in their approach to the various communities that host them: they come with a conquistador attitude, to plunder and kill so that their cows and flock can eat, not only grass, but farm crops.

“Now, people shudder when they see Fulani and these are the people the FG wants to enshrine on our rivers and waterways. It is a death sentence; poison that is cheaper than guns.”

He alleged that since President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd) became president in 2015, he has not hidden his agenda of Fulani hegemony and occupation. “His people, having read his body language clearly, adopted a boisterous and arrogant attitude to everything.

“All sensitive and plum positions have been taken over by the Fulani up to the armed forces. This is why Buhari cannot change the service chiefs who have served beyond their service years while some are grossly incompetent.”

The TYO President therefore advised the FG to allow the various communities to continue to have control over their natural resources and to use them for the purpose for which the communities had earlier put them to.

He warned that giving the herders unfettered access to some of these resources would spell doom for the affected communities.

Therefore, he called on “The whole country to rise and resist the National Water Resources Bill about to be passed by the 9th Assembly!

“If Nigerians allow that bill to become law, the future of generations yet unborn in this country will be mortgaged! Our children will become permanent slaves to Fulani jihadists in their own land!

“We call on the National Assembly to stop further proceedings on the Bill now, and warn its sponsors to desist from toying with the peace and unity of the country! Nigeria belongs to all of us and no group should be allowed to ride over others!”, he stressed.



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