Schools finally resume in Enugu


At last primary and secondary schools on Monday resumed classes in Enugu state.

The state government had on Wednesday, September 23, 2020 announced that all primary and secondary schools in the state would reopened on Monday.

Our correspondent who visited some primary and secondary schools in the state capital report on Monday, report that both teachers and students were seen in classes teaching and learning.

It was observed that wash hand containers with water, soap and sanitizers were stationed in strategic locations in all the school compounds visited.

Although in all the schools visited, only few pupils and students came to school but teachers were in classes.

At Ekulu Primary Schools, GRA Enugu, a pupil in primary two, Chimamada Iloanya, told our correspondent that she was happy to be back in classroom.

“I feel happy I am back to school. During this Covid-19 holiday I only sleep, eat and read my book, but thank God I am back to school once again.”

One of the head teachers in the school, Mrs Ogbonna Martina, told our correspondent that teachers in the state had prayed and some fasted for schools to be reopened.

“I am happy because we have been praying for a day like this.”

On how ready the teachers were prepare for the resumption of the school, she said, “we are very well prepared. We make sure that the school compound were neat. If you look around you see wash hand facilities in various strategic areas in the compound. We have our sanitizers. No one comes into the compound without wearing facemask and face shield.

“I also setup a committee in the school to enforce Covid-19 protocol. We have the phone numbers of the parents/ guardians and NCDC hotline number in case of any emergency.”

Mrs Ogbonna who is the headteacher of School 1 one the four schools, stated that structures were renovated and equipped with modern learning facilities in readiness of the resumption.

She however, noted that “before today the Enugu State Universal Basic Education Board, organised training workshop for headteachers/ assistants and Principals of secondary schools on covid-19 protocol which focused on strategies for managing schools and children, ensuring safety in post Covid-19 lock down period.

“The train I received from the workshop I have step down the train to my teachers and even the pupils,” she said.

Education Secretary, Enugu Central Local government Education Authority, Mrs. Pauline Nebo, who also spoke with our correspondent, expressed satisfaction that after six months schools were shut down, live have finally returned in schools.

“Really I thank God because whatever that seems impossible in sight of men has become possible with God. To the state government I commend them on various efforts adopted to control the spread of the novel coronavirus, covid-19 pandemic in the state which resulted in safe opening of school today.

Pauline added, “Head teachers and their assistants and even the Principals of secondary schools have been trained on Covid-19 management before the government announced the reopening of schools today and we are grateful to the government for that.

“Moreso, both instructional materials and infrastructures were upgraded during the lockdown. Some schools for instance were renovated during the lock down.

“You saw teachers in various classrooms teaching the pupils. That shows that everything has normalized, even grasses were cut and school compound kept tidy while Covid-19 protocols maintained,” she said.

Schools visited include: Government Secondary School, Independence Layout; Queens Secondary School, Enugu; Bright Nursery and Primary School, G.R.A, Enugu; Urban Girls School, Enugu and Practicing Schools, Emene, Enugu.



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