Stop ‘Wasting The Lives’ Of Innocent Nigerians Ohaneze Spokesman Warns Security Agents



… Tackle Arthur Eze On 2023 Igbo Presidency

The spokesman of Ohanaeze Ndigbo world wide Chuks Ibegbu has warned

security agents who are in the habit of ‘Wasting the lives” of

innocent Nigerians especially youths to desist from such acts. Ibegbu

noted that the Police in now in the habit of killing suspects without

trial all over the country and the federal government should

investigate this ugly trend.

he accused the SARS especially of picking and killing innocent youths

all over the country calling on the IG of Police to halt this extra

judicial killings in the police.

Ibegbu noted with regret a statement credited to a billionaire Arthur

Eze that its only God that can make an Igbo President in 2023 and that

the North made him which an Igbo cannot do. Ibegbu disagreed with

Arthur Eze that Igbos do not make people noting that many billionaires

in the North today were made by Igbos. Arthur Eze should know that the

Igbos established Igbo union schools in the 50s and 0s that trained

many Northern key players today . If he was made a billionaire through

a system contolled over the years by the North  and a system that

pauperized many of his brothers , then its his luck and that does not

mean they are more generous than Igbos who are known to apprentice

their kins , and collectively send their kins overseas in the yores

for training. Its the Nigeria system that pauperized his kins over the

years and made them highly individualistic and not that its their


Does he Arthur Eze know that 89 percent of the oils  blocs in Nigeria

are owned by Retired , tired and untired Military and Civilian barons

from mostly the North. How many Igbos own such.

Does Arthur Eze know that the past governments in Nigeria supported

Dangote, Wlae Tinubu and other trillionaires from the North and West

and pulled down the Ibetos , Ubas, Innosons etc. Ibegbu accused Arthur

Eze of mocking his marginalised and sidelined people and dashing them

peanuts in front of his house without necessarity empowering them


Yes, its God that make Presidents as he made Northerners, Westerners

and even minorities in NIgeria who were not necessarily the best or

merited it.Is

Arthur Eze himself not qualified to be Nigeria Presidents. Are those

Northerners that empowered him more qualified than him to be

President. Are they more educated than him.

I believe we should build bridges and networks for 2023 but nobody

especially our own persons should insult us or tell us we are not

united. Was the North United or the west or the Niger Delta when their

own occupied Aso Rock Ibegbu querried advising  people like Arthur Eze

who should know better to join the crusade to restore the political

dignity of their marginalised people.

Ndigbo need good advise and strategic suggestion from the Arthur Ezes

and  not this kind of unfortunate remark which no Northern

billlionaire or western billionarie like him would expose his people

that way, Ibegbu noted,

On Magu saga Ibegbu lamented that a man sent to prosecute corrupt

politicians became a den of corruption calling for severe punishment

to him to deter others like him who take advantage of their positions

to damage their fragile society . .Ibegbu asked Magu to openly

apologize to corrupt people like him whom he molested or arrested when

he is not better than them.



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