Aisha Buhari’s Invisible Hand Behind Magu’s Sack & Possible Prosecution

The 1st Lady of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari

The anti-corruption mantra of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration has hit the rocks.

A latent internal turmoil and/or meltdown in full glare. This is as the chief anti-corruption czar of the nation, Ibrahim Magu rests restlessly behind the walls of detention inside a dingy Police Station at the capital city of Abuja following appearance before a hastily assembled Presidential Panel on Monday, July 6, 2020.

Information available to obtained from a competent source indicates the 1st Lady’s to be the facilitator of the recent removal and ongoing probe of Ibrahim Magu. “She is the man behind curtain now”, says our source.

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The 1st lady takes Ibrahim Magu a “desperate hypocrite”.

A source recalls the 1st Lady angrily matching into the room after having been summoned by her husband over a complaint brought by the then acting Chairman of the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC], Ibrahim Magu about Yusuf Buhari [the son] having suspiciously large sum of money lodged in one of his accounts. When asked by his father [the President] about the money, Yusuf said it belonged to his mother [the 1st Lady].

Yusuf Buhari

When the 1st Lady matched into the room where President Buhari, Yusuf Buhari and Ibrahim Magu was seated, Buhari presented the print out of the bank statement – and asked her if the money indeed belonged her. She was stunned. Turning to Magu, she angrily in the direction of where Magu was seated “Did any fool tell you their money was missing?” Pointing at the exit, she commanded Magu out of the room. Magu obeyed and left the room.

President Buhari dropped the inquiry. 

As a caveat, Ibrahim Magu who was arrested by the Nigeria security agents on July 6, 2020 and forcefully brought to the presidential panel to answer to allegations of money laundering and other financial crimes, had been enjoying a false sense of invincibility since the demise of the former Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari. “He enjoyed tremendous protection while Abba Kyari was around”.

While the late Abba Kyari served as the Chief of Staff, he was the stabilizer and enabler of Magu’s emboldened corrupt activities. Magu grew proverbial wings, became lager than the Inspector General of Police [IGP], larger than the Attorney General of Nigeria and the Federal Minister of Justice.  In effect, he became a chief anti-corruption czar without a boss. A ship without a rudder.

Since all correspondences to the President went through him [Kyari], Magu was able to rely on Kyari to intercept and/or block correspondences from Magu’s superiors to reaching the President. All complaints against Ibrahim Magu was kept out of President Buhari’s sight. Kyari ensured Magu was presented in good light to the President.

Suspended Acting EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu

Earlier in the Buhari administration, the DSS conducted an investigation involving Ibrahim Magu and others. The investigation indicted Magu of gross financial crimes.  Onward prosecution was recommended. But the findings were submitted to the office of vice president. Till date, the vice president’s office have yet to make the findings public.

With the exit of Abba Kyari, the dynamics of the cabal changed. “Aisha took charge”. She found her footing. The 1st Lady seized the office of the Chief of Staff immediately securing pertinent and sensitive materials – in the absence of Kyari, and before the coming of Gambari [the present chief of staff]. “She discovered the letters of appointments not signed by the President”.

So like a frog waiting patiently for the gallivanting grasshopper, the 1st Lady was waiting for the gallivanting Ibrahim Magu.

Prior to the release of the infamous ‘relooting the loot’ memo authored by the Attorney General to the general public, the Attorney General had written directly and privately to the President. But the “memo was blocked” from reaching the President. The Magu team in firm confidence told they have effectively put measures in place to block all memo from reaching the President through the help of “their people at the presidency”.

Evidently, “their people” failed.

Through the 1st Lady’s determination and effort, President prioritized the Attorney General’s memo. She impressed on the President to act on the contents of the memo.

Without her urging, President Buhari would have not acted”.

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