Why The Cabal Is Fighting Hon Justice Ijeoma Agugua, The Acting Chief Judge Of Imo State – By Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha


As At 2014, Hon Justice Ijeoma Agugua Was Already The Most Experienced

And Most Senior Judge In Imo State, And Was Set To Take Over As The

Chief Judge. She Was Indeed Named The Acting Chief Judge, A Position

She Held For Only One Month, Before She Was Manipulated Out From The

Substantive Position By A Corrupt Male Chauvinistic Controlled

Judiciary Who Found It Very Offensive To Allow A Woman Lead The

Judiciary.. This Cabal Manipulated The System And Finally Got A

Corrupt, Wicked And Evil Man, Justice Paschal Nnadi, Imposed As The

Chief Judge Of The State.

Paschal Nnadi Was Junior To Ijeoma Agugua, In Exposure, Experience And

Years Of Service. To Further Humiliate Ijeoma Agugua In The Judiciary

Circle, Justice Pascal Nnadi, Immediately He Became The Beneficiary Of

The Injustice, Evil And Envy Against The Unmatchable And Unbeatable

Record Of Justice Ijeoma Agugua, Started Issuing Queries To Her, In An

Orchestrated And Clandestine Plot To Dent Her Records And Image.

However, The National Judicial Commission, NJC, Set Up A Panel To

Investigate Those Fabricated Allegations, And At The End Cleared Her.

These Were Orchestrated Obstacles Placed On Ijeoma Agugua’s Footpath

To Greatness, But She Survived It All.

Not Satisfied, This Same Male Chauvinistic Cabal, Afraid That Ijeoma

Agugua Would Eventually Emerge As Chief Judge After The Uninspiring

Tenure Of Paschal Nnadi, Accused Her Of Fraud And Not Performing Her

Duty As A Judge. Again, She Was Investigated And Cleared Of All


On The Contrary, It Was Justice Pascal Nnadi, Both As An Ordinary

Judge And Later Chief Judge Of Imo State That Was Both Very Corrupt

And A Truant To His Office, Responsibilities And Service To The

State.. He Was Rarely In Office. Rather, He Reportedly Used His Office

Hours To Be In His Vast Private Farm In The State. Anytime He

Remembers To Be In Office Or To Seat In His Court (Court 1), It Was To

Adjourn Cases And Take His Leave.. For Example, Justice Pascal Nnadi

Once Adjourned The Case Of One Ugochukwu Onyekaba To Two Years. This

Young Man Spent Over Nine Years In Prison Custody Awaiting Trial,

Before I Offered Assistance And His Case Was Transferred From Nnadi’s

Court To Another Court And He Was Released On The 27th Of February

2016. This Same Pascal Nnadi, Before He Retired Few Months Ago,

Shamelessly Adjourned The Case Of One Gerald Mgbokwere 103 Times,

Without Hearing The Matter And Without Allowing The Case To Be

Transferred To Another Court. As A Result, Gerald Mgbokwere Is Still

In Prison Custody After Spending Ten Years And Three Months Already.

I Have Used The Above Narratives To Show How Corrupt And This Cabal Is.

Hon Justice Ijeoma Agugua Is Different. She Has Come To Clean The

Augean Stable In The Judiciary. She Has Come To Free Innocent Inmates

In Prison Custody. She Is Bringing Judicial Reforms In The

Judiciary.She Is Coming To Provide The Enabling Judicial Environment

For Governor Hope Uzodinma’s Shared Properity To Strive In Imo State.

Hence, The Cabal Is Jittery. And Has Gone To Court To Seek For The

Interpretation And Clarification Of Section 158 And 202 Of The 1999

Constitution, As Amended.

Let Me Warn, And I am Not Joking: The Cabal Holding The Judiciary Down

In Imo State Should Get Prepared For Me, Because I an Coming For Them.

I Do Not Have A Gun, But I Have The Gun. The Cabal Holding Imo

Judiciary Down Has Given Me The Bullet To Shoot.

I Rest My Pen.

Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha



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