FG Implementation Guidelines For Containment Of COVID-19 [SPONSORED]


Further to the pronouncement of Mr. President in the broadcast of Monday, 27th April, 2020, in which he directed the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 to provide implementation guidelines on the new measures to control COVID-19 pandemic, the following are hereby issued for:

  • General Information to the Public;
  • Guidance to States and Security Agencies; and
  • Description of the types of activities allowed under Phase 1 (4th -17th May, 2020)


  1. Following improvements in the multisectoral response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Federal Government of Nigeria has decided that there will be a phased and gradual easing of the lockdown in Lagos and Ogun States as well as the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) effective from Monday, 4th May, 2020.
  2. The easing of the lockdown will be characterised by the following enforceable actions:
  3. The mandatory use of non-medical face mask/covering for all persons while in public spaces. Latex hand gloves should not be worn except for specific medical purposes;
  4. The mandatory provision of handwashing facilities/sanitizers in all public places;
  5. All interstate travel is prohibited except for essential travels & services, such as: transportation of agricultural products, petroleum products, relief items, goods, commodities related to the COVID-19 response and persons on essential duty;

  1. Mass gathering of more than 20 people outside of a workplace is prohibited;
  2. There will be controlled access to markets and locations of economic activities;
  3. Mandatory temperature checks will be conducted in public spaces;


  • Social distancing of 2 metres must be maintained between people in workplaces and other public spaces;
  • Retention of the ban on all passenger flights;
  • Religious gatherings are still restricted; and
  • Mandatory supervised isolation of person(s) arriving from outside the country for at least 14 days.

General Rules and Regulations

  • Anyone who presents a temperature of above 380C will be mandated to return home and call NCDC for evaluation;
  • Anyone without a face mask/covering will be asked to return home and will be prosecuted;
  • Anyone violating the curfew in a non-emergency situation will be prosecuted;
  • Anyone attending a gathering of more than 20 people will be prosecuted;
  • Institutions that fail to comply with these protocols and guidelines will be prosecuted; and
  • Any member of the public who violates the ban on Inter-State movement as outlined in this guideline will be prosecuted.


ActivityRecommendations & Obligation of Operators
4th -17th May 2020
CurfewImposition of overnight curfew nationwide from 8pm to 6am
i.May go out for work, to buy necessary foods and for
ii.Movement  between LGAs  (except metropolitan
General movementareas)  is strongly  discouraged unless  for critical
reasons such as healthcare and work
iii.Avoid unnecessary contact with people
iv.Mandatory use of face mask/coverings in public
(Across State borders)
Inter-state travelAll inter-state travel for supply chain & services allowed, such
as:  goods,  agro-products  with a limited  capacity of
accompanying   personnel, petroleum   products, relief


items, supplies,  construction  supplies, registered  courier
services (DHL, FedEx, etc) and security services
(Within State borders):
i.Ensure provision of hand sanitizers to all passengers
ii.Reduce occupancy to half for buses (maximum 50%
Intra-state travel (public transport-of usual occupancy)
iii.Mandatory Use of face mask/coverings
buses, tricycles, taxis)iv.Mandatory temperature checks
v.Taxis to carry only 4 persons (driver and 3 persons)
vi.Tricycles  to carry only  3 persons (driver  and 2
vii.Daily motor park sanitation
viii.Travel should be between 6.00am and 6.00pm
i.Provide hand washing facilities
ii.Maintain social distancing
Bus stop/motor parkiii.Mandatory Use of face mask /coverings
iv.Mandatory temperature checks
v.Provide hand sanitizers and hand washing
vi.Should only open between 6.00am and 6.00pm
i.Mandatory use of face masks and social distancing
ii.Persons  above age  of 65 years  and those with
underlying chronic illness e.g. diabetes, high blood
pressure are advised to remain at home
Agriculture & Rural developmentiii.Trucks bearing agricultural and animal products to be
allowed easy passage
iv.Companies involved in food processing can
commence operation
v.Ensure provision of hand sanitizers and hand
washing facilities
i.Limit number to maintain social distancing
ii.Construction of critical roads to resume
Construction sites (large andiii.Waivers to be provided by State Govts to enable
small), Public Works
iv.Mandatory use of face masks/coverings
v.Provide hand sanitizers and hand washing facilities
vi.Open between 6.00am and 6.00pm
i.Ensure provision of hand sanitizer to all employees
and customers
Banks and other financialii.Limit staff physically working in the office to between
30% to 50%
iii.Limit number of customers to allow social distancing
iv.Mandatory Use of face mask/coverings
v.Encourage online banking
vi.Mandatory temperature checks
vii.Open between 8.00am and 2.00pm
i.Ensure  provision  of sanitizer  and hand washing
Manufacturing and Pharmaceuticalii.Limit staff working to between 30-50% to maintain
social distancing
industries, pharmacy shops
iii.Shift  work is  encouraged,  pharmacy shops  may
remain open overnight
iv.Mandatory use of face masks/coverings
i.Ensure provision of hand sanitizer to all employees
and customers
ii.Limit staff physically working in the office to between
30% to 50%
Government offices /otheriii.Government staff limited to essential workers and
those from GL 14-17 on Monday/Wednesday/Fridays
corporate offices and entities
iv.Limit number of customers to allow social distancing
v.Mandatory use of face masks/coverings
vi.Encourage work from home policy
vii.Mandatory temperature checks
viii.Offices to open between 8.00am and 2.00pm
i.Ensure  provision  of sanitizer  and hand washing
ii.Control  entry to  reduce number  to ensure social
iii.Mandatory use of face masks/coverings
iv.Temperature checks
Neighborhood Marketsv.Local  authorities  to determine  date and time  for
opening of the neighborhood markets not more than
3 times a week
vi.Warehouses to open on neighborhood market days
to serve shops
vii.Abattoirs to open three days a week
viii.Ensure strict sanitation compliance
ix.Time of opening 8.00a.m.  3.00p.m.
i.Ensure  provision  of sanitizer  and hand washing
ii.Limit number of customers to allow social distancing
Supermarketsiii.Mandatory use of face masks/coverings
iv.Ensure handwashing
v.Mandatory temperature checks
vi.Open 8.00a.m.-3.00p.m.
i.Not open to the public, encourage home delivery
Restaurantsii.To remain closed to eat-in, until further evaluation
iii.Allow social distancing always
iv.Eateries to practice the takeaway system
v.Open 8.00a.m.-3.00p.m.
i.  To remain closed
Clubs, Bars, Beer Parlors,ii.   The use  of recreational  parks, communal sports,
concerts, social parties, movie theatres are suspended until
Gardens, etc
further notice
Academic institutions and Sociali.All schools to remain closed till further evaluation
ii.Schools are encouraged to continue with e-learning
and visual teaching
  1. State Governments and Security Agencies are enjoined to ensure effective and strict enforcement of these guidelines.
  2. The level of compliance with these guidelines will be reviewed in 2 weeks before additional guidelines for phase 2 is issued.


Boss Mustapha, Secretary to the Government of the Federation


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