The Fear Of Ahmad Mu’azu And Dr. Musa Babayo Is The The Sum Of All Fears – By Bello Mukhtar


Greatness Inspires Envy, Envy Engenders Spite, Spite Spawns Lies.” – Lord Voldemort

Thomas Marvollo Riddle, otherwise known as Lord Voldemort is a character; a villain actually in J.K. Rawlings Book series, Harry Potter.

Tom Riddle, a great wizard, is the most evil villain you’d ever read about. He never cared about age or size, he deals with his wand and exterminates his enemies big or small with a flick and a powerful spell. My favourite quote of his’, is the one above.

I read an online publication about the duo of Dr. Musa Babayo And Alhaji Ahmad Mu’azu Who share not just an insatiable thirst for quality and service delivery, but share more things in common; among which is; an ocean of enemies. The quote from Lord Voldemort perfectly portrays their dilemma.

People aren’t aware that enemies are an essential part of our lives just as mosquitoes, as disturbingly troublesome as they are. Robert Greene advises one to find a way of making enemies should he want to progress in life. How very true.

As everyone knows, Mu’azu was Governor of Bauchi State and he performed wonderfully well. Babayo was Tertiary Institutions Trust Fund, TETFund’s Chairman and he executed more than any other Chairman in the institution’s  entire history. The duo share more than unquenchable thirsts for quality and service delivery and enemies, they have another trait in common. They have limitless love for their country and State and fortunately, they are from the same State. Out of this love of theirs’, Bauchi State is proud to call them worthy sons, all day everyday!


I was surprised when I read an online news story by a certain group called “Other Alternative” (is such a coin of words acceptable to CAC or they are unregistered?). The group claims Babayo and Mu’azu are relentlessly lobbying the government of President Buhari for appointments. What’s wrong if capable hands want to vie for capable offices in their country? That is if the claim is even near the truth.

I said a silent prayer upon reading the story with a different twist to it however, I prayed for them to be hired (that’s the beauty of freedom of choice)!

 I noticed the group actually threatened the President not to “dare” consider them as worthy of being appointed. It baffled me briefly because I know not even all the 200 million of us can “dare” the President. At least we saw the protests against his Chief of Staff and what followed.

President Muhammadu Buhari is the President And should he choose to appoint them as Ministers (which I ardently pray for, from reading the story), Other Alternative can only take their “alternative facts” somewhere else.

I’m not only uncomfortable with the way they addressed the Commander-In-Chief of our Armed Forces, but they couldn’t point a single allegation against them to the point they used the word; “grapevine” as source of their information. You disrespect the very person you are lobbying not to accept the lobby of others, outstanding double-standards! George Orwell told us in 1945, that “All Animals Are Equal, But Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others.” So that’s it? You can lobby the President not to pay heed to lobbies of other’s. As Patience GEJ would say; “Kontinu.”

The news got me thinking though, why didn’t they point to President Buhari exactly what the two men are guilty of? I have no right to condemn them as corrupt or exonerate them as free, that from; but I know the law and also know that libel is such a big deal in a court of law. I hope they’d have “alternative” ways should the courts come calling.

Even Buhari isn’t completely free from certain unpresidential, undemocratic and categorically unjust iniquities! It’s a given; I know, Buhari cannot fight corruption alone. And I dare ask, who fights alongside him? We can never achieve anything, should we always castigate others just because it favours our whims or caprices or both.

Ahmad Mu’azu And Musa Babayo were not just good managers of their respective institutions when they served, they were and continue to be, larger than life. Deal with it.

Bello Mukhtar.



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