Ministerial Slot: groups roots support for Captain Bala Jibrin

From Yahaya Audu,  Bauchi

A Coalition of All Progressive Congress (APC) Support Groups in Bauchi State has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to appoint Captain Bala ‎jibrin as Minister from Bauchi State.

The call was made by the Chairman of the group, Mohammed Aliyu yesterday while briefing journalists at NUJ Secretariat Bauchi

Aliyu said that, Captain Bala Jibrin is the best person to get te ministerial slot from Bauchi State because of his commitment to the APC and loyalty to the president.

According to him, Captain Jibrin was the person who donated vehicles to all the states of the North East for the Presidential Campaign of the president.

He described him as a staunch President Muhammadu Buhari loyalist who have never abandoned the president over the years‎.

He added that, Jibrin is also a loyal party member who believes in fairness, justice and equity.

He said, Captain Jibrin had also organised seminars and other gathering s in some states of the Northeast and devise campaign strategies which led to the success of the party.

Aliyu noted that, he also stayed in the ‎APC during its very turbulent days in the state despite efforts to frustrate and drive him out of the party because of his stance on fairness and equity by the party’s leadership in the state.

The group Chairman informed that, Captain Jibrin was also the preferred APC Governorship in Bauchi State who was deprived of the chance to contest for the ticket through manipulation.

He said that,the alleged scheming out of Jibrin and other candidates was the main reason ‎for the loss suffered by the party in the governorship and other elections in the state.

He pointed out that despite the claim by other persons as ‎leaders of the party in the state, Jibrin was the only person who keep the party alive in the state.

According to him while the APC leadership in the state abandoned it’s role of galvanising and uniting it’s members,Jibrin is the only person organising gatherings and meeting among the members in order to forge ahead.

The Coalition chairman said that, appointing Captain Jibrin as Minister from Bauchi State will ensure unity among members of the party in the state because of his leadership qualities and political maturity‎ to carry them along.


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