Buhari, Bola Tinubu And The Rest Of Nigeria – By Vincent Egunyanga

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I have chosen to write on  these individuals because they have

controlled the affairs of the entity or mere geographical  expression

called  NIGERIA   and  will continue to do so in the next four years.

As a  human being and a journalist  there are four principles that

guide me anytime I tried to do a story or an opinion article. And that

is the FOUR PRINCIPLES  of Rotary club.  Am not  a member of any

Rotary club, but I was a Rotaractor  growing up those days in school.

The  four principles include

(a)         Is it the Trust

(b)         Is it fair to all concerned

(c)      Will it bring goodwill and better friendship

(d)     Is it beneficial to all concerned.

These principles  have guided me in whatever I do or  write  even as I

do this write up on Buhari, Bola Tinubu  and Nigeria.

In doing this I want to first of all appeal to the International

community to continue to show interest in Nigeria as a member of the

International community and should not fail to strike  when the need

arises.  Do not listen to the vampires of the regime that will tell

you that Nigeria is a sovereign nation.  So they said in the 60’s

during the Nigerian civil war  and the world watched  a so called

sovereign nation killed  two million Biafrans  unchallenged. Since

then Nigeria has not made any progress as a nation.


I had watched someone like BOLA AHMED TINUBU for a long time and came

to the conclusion that if we ignore this man  at our own risk.  Don’t

make any mistake about the fact that he is very rich and has a large

followers. One of the reasons why he has a large followers is because

he is very generous.  He take  some decisions that many Nigerian

politicians  may  never take.  For instance  I can still remember that

Gani  Fawehinmi ,  the late Nigeria’s  legal luminary  once dragged

Bola Tinubu to court  for certificate  forgery. Most of the schools

that Bola Tinubu claimed  to have attended like Ibadan Grammar School

or Ibadan boys high school  and the University he claimed he attended

in  America all  denied that he was ever their student.  Gani was

following the case in court until he died.  But guess  what,   Tinubu

offered  to pay Gani’s  medical bills in hospital. You  see what I

mean. How many politician in Nigeria  could do that.


Tinubu  is  generous but also very dangerous.  During the struggle

for the actualization  of June 12, 1993 election believed to have been

won by Chief Moshood Kashimawo Abiola,  Bola Tinubu a Senator then

played a very prominent role.  One of the roles I remembered  very

vividly is that  he hired two Igbo boys  to bomb NNPC  depot in

Ejigbo, in Lagos.  This was during  Abacha regime and Buhari  was  the

chairman of PTF  then.  The  Igbo boys were arrested  and probably

confessed. The Army declared  Tinubu wanted  and he fled the country

to America following NADECO route.   That in itself  signaled the

beginning of Terrorism in Nigeria.  It did not matter that if they had

succeeded  many Yorubas who lived  and  owned properties  in Ejigbo

would have been the biggest victims.


As  the nation return to civil rule or DIARCHY in  1999  Bola Ahmed

Tinubu  is still playing an active role.  A  Yoruba  social cultural

organization the AFENIFERE  formed a political party known as the

Alliance for Democracy  (AD).  During the primaries to decide their

governorship candidate for Lagos   Funsho  Williams defeated Tinubu.

Afenifere  overruled the decision of the majority  and handed the

ticket to Tinubu.   Their reasons then was that he funded NADECO  from

his base in America, it was  a way of compensating him to recoup his

money.  Today   Tinubu  hate AFENIFERE like  snake.   The  Afenifere

were elders  who do things on principle. But they had no money or were

not generous like Tinubu.  Tinubu  dumped  Afenifere and the AD  and

formed his owned political party known as Action  Congress  (AC) ,

FORMED an alliance  with ATIKU  to produce  ACD,  pulled out of ACD

to form another party known as  ACTION Congress of  Nigeria  (ACN)

from  where he entered another  alliance with Buhari’s  Congress of

Progressives  Change  ( CPC)  to  form  APC.

Nigeria’s  electoral body  the Independent National Electoral

Commission (INEC)  has claimed  Buhari won the election.  I

CONGRATULATE HIM  .   So  Buhari and Tinubu  will certainly  direct

the affairs of the country for the next four years.

I make  bold to say that most of the tension brewing in the country

UNDER BUHARI’S  FIRST TERM IN OFFICE was caused by Tinubu.  The

selective fight against corruption was Tinubu  idea,  the arraignment

of Senate President Bukola Saraki was Tinubu’s  idea,  the  Executive/

Legislature  face off   is his idea, the Onnoghen ordeal is Tinubu’s

idea,   the  attack on Igbo in Lagos over the Presidential election is

Tinubu’s idea.  He was really not protecting Yorubas interest but his

private  estate.   Nothing wrong in that   But at what cost.


I  Remember  Chief Obafemi  Awolowo.  When  a strong man of Ibadan

politics  Chief  Adedibu  was  given former governor of Oyo state

governor Chief Bola Ige  problems,  Chief Awolowo  told the nation

that he warned  Bola Ige not to bring  Adedibu into his government.

Awolowo  said there are people  you will always use to win election,

after election pay them off and let them go.  If you bring them to

government  they will kill the government.   TINUBU IS ONE OF SUCH

PEOPLE.  Thank God for the cabal, they saved Nigeria  and  Buhari

from Tinubu.


As  for  MUHAMMADU  BUHARI   I  understand the  fact that many people

worship  him as their idol. There is freedom of Religion in Nigeria

and freedom of worship.  I also respect the  right of those who

worship him, but they also must not  forget the fact that he  is  the

President of  Nigeria.  Nigerians  have the right to criticize  their

President.  Criticizing  Buhari  should not be treated  as sacrilege.

Buhari got his popularity  during the  launching of  SHARIA  in the

North  DURING Obasanjo ‘s  regime.  He  was the only Northerner  who

came out openly  to  support  SHARIA  and warned the government  and

Christians  to stay away from  SHARIA  which he said was for Muslims.

That  is the cause of his popularity  among the Northern poor.


When  the Sharia  issue  came up between 2000 and 2003  I  witnessed

everything because I was a reporter in Kano then.   The  Sharia legal

system appealed  to most of the poor in the North.  They were told

that sharia would end poverty, corruption , there  will be no more

ALMAJIRI, and there will be paradise on earth.  The  first governor

that took the bold step to launch Sharia then was  Ahmed Sani of

Zamfara  state.  the  day  sharia  was launched  in Zamfara  many

people  who could not afford to pay for transport  trekked  from  Kano

to Gusau  to  witness the launching.   There  were pressures  on the

then governor  of Kano  state  Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso to launch  Sharia

in Kano,  which he did. About 12 states in the North followed suit.

Nineteen   years  after the  launching of Sharia  how  far.    Poverty

has not ended  anywhere in Nigeria,  Almajiri system still in place

more in number than before,  poverty level  on the increase,  Nigeria

now poverty headquarters  in the world,   worst  still Terrorism now

in Nigeria.  Killing in the  name God.  The  hotbed  of Boko Haram

terrorism  in Nigeria  Borno state   used to be regarded as the Land

of Peace. States in the Northwest now under attack by bandits from

outside the country,  Most  of the governors  who launched  sharia

then are currently in court facing one corruption charges of the

other. i  swear if there had been progress, in terms of  political

stability and economic development in the states under Sharia, many

states in the South would have followed suit to launch it.




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