Peremabiri community has become an issue in recent days as elections draws near, by this, they have created confusion and pollute the peaceful environment.

According to Comrade Paul Eris, the anti-Developmental forces have gathered and they have not reneged since the Peremabiri Rice Farm was resucitated by his singler effort to put food on the table for the impoverished masses due to their bad Agricultural policy in the state.

The Peremabiri protest was instituted by some anti-democratic forces in the state and was hoisted by the recently made Vice Chairman of the Southern Ijaw Local Government Council, Madam Polomi Wonaemi in collaboration with HRH Progress Neverdie.

According to the Farmer, the foot soldiers for the protest at the peace park before heading to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) office in Yenagoa, many were not from Peremabiri town as was visibly seen.

He futher alleged that the protesters were asked to gather at the peace park for onwards journey to Oporoma, only to see a Jeep came from Government House and started sharing placards concerning Peremabiri community.

“While they were doing that, camera’s were on them. Most protesters were angry and left. This exactly transpired on Monday this week.

The lady who holds one of the placards was Madam Gloria Ala, who is from Ikaibiri town in the Yenagoa local government area of Bayelsa state and not from Peremabiri community”, Paul Eris lamented.

He said the allegations levelled against him were baseless and unfounded to score cheap political gains by their paymasters.

“It is commonly acknowledged that those who aspire to lead must first recognize the goodness in themselves as a springboard to goodwill to others.

Any aspiring leader that fails to see the good in others must have evil lurking in their intentions. This trend of evil machination of these political non-starters must be seen entirely for what it’s worth-ill mind, period”, he said.

He further reteriated his position that Peremabiri community is peaceful and law abiding, adding that, elections will peacefully hold without fear of been harrass and intimidation as this was a handiwork of his political detractors who are hell bent to pull him down, saying that, God is always with him.

“HRH Progress Neverdie and Madam Polomi Wonaemi have become’s a government political tools to destabilize the existing peace been experienced in the past, as they were sponsored to frightens innocent law abiding citizens of the area for their inordinate ambitions to win election’s by all means.

No destruction and seizure that took place, the Joint Task Force (JTF) and other security agents have been in the area for the past years to maintain peace and order, therefore it’s wrong for calling on INEC by the protest sponsors to create a new voting centres in the state capital, as this was a calculated attempt to undermine the good people of Peremabiri community to disenfranchise their inalienable rights to vote during an election” the farmer lament.

When this reporter call’s on Commissioner of Information for their reaction met bricks wall as his mobile numbers were not responding as at the time of filing the report.