From Msughshima Andrew, Makurdi

The Governorship Candidate of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, Mr Hingah Biem has inaugurated his campaign council with a charge to work hard while embarking on issue-based campaigns.

The Biem/Akoh Governorship Council inaugurated in Makurdi, the Benue State capital, has the leader of the party in the state, Senator Barnabas Gemade as Chairman.

Inaugural the team in Makurdi, Mr Hingah Biem affirmed the resolve of SDP to embark on a violent free campaigns to ensure the victory of the party in the coming elections.

He expressed confidence in the members of the campaign council and urged them to exercise decorum and refrain from making statements that would undermine the victory of the party at all levels as they take the campaigns across the state.

Biem said he was motivated to bring liberation to the long suffering people of the state by prioritizing their welfare, wiping away hunger, diseases and giving farmers value addition for their farm produce.

The guber candidate who also stressed the need to empower youths, rebuild hospitals and give the children the best education stated that he will restore confidence in government and bridge the wide gap between the government and the people.

He thanked the leader of the party in Benue, Senator Barnabas Gemade, the party State Chairman, Engr. John Enemari and party leaderd at all levels for their efforts at mobilizing people from across the state, describing them as indispensable pillars of the party.

“Our campaign is motivated by the burning desire to change the Benue story for good. We are scandalized when we see our hardworking civil servants suffer the indignity of going for many months without pay. We are pained when we see the ravages of hunger and disease in many Benue homes due to the poor resource management record of the present administration.

“We are appalled at the situation where our senior citizens have turned beggars and are suffering avoidable deaths because the monies meant for their pension and gratuity have been diverted. Our hearts ache when we see our young people resorting to crime and drug abuse because their energies and talents have not been properly channelled.

“Indeed, it worries us when our orange and yam farmers are experiencing a steep decline in sales due to an unreasonable tax policy that scares away buyers from our markets. We are disturbed when the sacred duty of revenue collection is handed over to party thugs who only remit whatever they like into government coffers. And when we travel around the country and see the giant strides being made by less-endowed states in infrastructure,” Biem said.

He therefore called on the team to work hard to achieve victory for the party.

The Chairman of the Biem/Akor Governorship Campaign Council and Senatorial candidate of the SDP for Benue Northeast, Sen. Barnabas Gemade challenged all candidates of the party to sit up and face the campaigns with the determination of winning the elections.

Sen. Gemade expressed optimism that he and other candidates of the party will emerge winners in the coming elections, saying that SDP was a party of the future.

The Senator urged SDP supporters to keep faith with the party as elections takes place this Saturday.

The Senatorial Candidate of the Party for Benue South Zone, Mike Okibe Onoja said the popularity of the party cannot be contemplated especially in his zone,  urging SDP supporters not to see the postponement of the elections as a discouragement but they should be encouraged to come out and vote in all the elections.

The State Chairman of SDP,  Engr. John Enemari said the postponement of the last Saturday election was God’s design to enable the party restrategize to face the elections.

He urged supporters to be steadfast despite the hurdles, expressing optimism in the workings of the party to emerge victorious at the next elections.

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