Buhari WAEC Certificate A Fraud – Atiku Support Group

Buhari, Certificate Scam & Declining Plank Of Integrity - By Evaristus Bassey

Buhari WAEC Certificate A Fraud – Atiku Support Group

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The spokesperson of National Youth Movement for Atiku Abubakar, Beauty Yahawah, has said that the WAEC attestation certificate recently acquired by President Muhammadu Buhari is a fraud, and evidence of his desperation for a 2nd term.
Yahawah, who gave this statement at a youth conference in Lagos said: “I see Buhari has now bought an attestation certificate from WAEC officials. In 2015 the same WAEC wrote a letter saying he never wrote the exam, there was no evidence whatsoever that he wrote that exam, now suddenly they have said he did in 1961 and have brought a phony attestation certificate with an old picture of him on it. This is fraudulent because pictures were not even used at that time for such certificates. They are saying that was the picture taken of him during registration. He doesn’t even look young in the picture. What kind of jungle is he turning politics into? The so-called incorruptible President is actually very corrupt and desperate.”
Yahawah added, “How would anybody with integrity send an old picture to an organisation to make an attestation certificate look real? He has no integrity whatsoever and he is lying because he wants to stay 4 more years. Anyway, we will not be distracted from our task, which is to get Nigeria working again. He can forge attestation certificate but he cannot forge good governance. What has he done about real issues like insecurity and the killer herdsmen? He is not facing real issues because he cannot. And so in 2019, we will all vote the one who can. And that person is Atiku Abubakar. You will not find Atiku doing cheap gimmicks like this. We all know the one with integrity, and we thank Buhari for making our task easier for us. He should continue to expose himself.”


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