“We Want Genuine Freedom, No Elections In ‘Biafra'” – IPOB


“We Want Genuine Freedom, No Elections In ‘Biafra'” – IPOB

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We the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), in view of ongoing sinister and concerted efforts by some unscrupulous individuals to use our hallowed name to misinform and mislead the public, have decided to categorically reaffirm, with every degree of certainty, that there won’t be any voting in Biafraland come 2019. Our total commitment to the boycott of elections in Nigeria under the fraudulent, Islamic and militaristic Abdulsalami 1999 Constitution is sacrosanct. Those wishing to renew their slave status for another four years is welcome to do so but we IPOB will continue to boycott elections until an official date for Biafra referendum is agreed with the Abuja based Nigerian government.

The game-plan of certain politicians to stampede the great IPOB into premature electioneering without first discussing the issue of our quest for referendum is a complete waste of time, energy and resources. We are a dedicated movement founded on the core values of consistency, discipline and application. Those expecting IPOB to suddenly change direction away from our cherished position on election boycott and civil disobedience because of the emergence of one individual is regrettably not conversant with what the word ‘consistency’ is all about. IPOB epitomize consistency and application.

IPOB is in touch with the base instincts of the overwhelming majority of Biafrans and Nigerians at large. What the people want is genuine freedom, liberty, equality and long lasting impactful positive change not the four year recycling of wasted politicians devoid of radical implementable ideas to turn the society around. Respected national leaders like Pa Ayo Adebanjo publicly observed in a newspaper interview headlined on 12 August 2017 that “Without restructuring, forget 2019 elections”. In any society informed by morality and consciousness, such weighty statement by an elder statesman and other respected leaders from the Middle Belt, South East, South South and South West including Ohaneze Ndigbo, should form the bedrock of alliance against any form of voting in 2019 without first restructuring the constitution at the very least. Not surprisingly, those that once joined IPOB to demand for a positive change in the lopsided way things are done in Nigeria are today singing a different tune because the polity is awash with cash.

In any fight for justice, equality and fairness, consistency is the key. IPOB may be accused of many things but nobody can say that we are not consistent. In any battle between good versus evil, consistency is the only weapon good people have to overturn tyranny. Had the political class that took over from the military in 1999 remained consistent in their publicly avowed stance to reject the fraudulent 1999 Constitution of the military, things would have markedly different today. The problem with Nigerians is expediency. They blend in with every passing popular phase without consideration for the longer term consequences of their immediate political actions.  This misplaced euphoria led to the emergence of the murderous Buhari regime in 2015 when the majority of the people should have steadfastly held on to their well-founded view that only a decisive structural rearrangement of the existing order would avert disaster. Bola Ahmed Tinubu was once a vocal advocate of restructuring but as soon as he got into power all that changed. Why Nigerians don’t understand that politicians will never change remains a mystery to us.

We IPOB do not trust any politician to do the needful once they are in office. We believe that power belongs to the people, therefore it is up to the people to force through any radical changes in society. Since IPOB is the people and the people is IPOB, we have decided to take our destiny in our hands by forcing through the much needed  change that others are too inconsistent to fight for, by boycotting all future elections until we get our date for a referendum. Relying on a politician to keep to his campaign promises is an exercise in hopelessness and futility which IPOB doesn’t have the luxury nor the time to indulge in. We believe that only the collective will of a people can force through a social change not what a politician says. IPOB will lead South East/South South and a coalition of the willing in South West and Middle Belt to boycott all elections come 2019 no matter the game plan of politicians and their online praise singers.




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