N16b Secret Release To Osun Is Corruption, PDP Tells Buhari

N16b Secret Release To Osun Is Corruption, PDP Tells Buhari

September 8, 2018

Press Statement

N16b Secret Release To Osun Is Corruption, PDP Tells Buhari

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) accuses President Muhammadu Buhari of
aiding corruption in the secret release of over N16.6 billion Paris Club
fund to Osun state.

PDP says its investigation has revealed that the N16.67bn is to be
diverted as bribe to INEC officials, compromised international observers
as well as pay hoodlum contracted by the All Progressives Congress (APC)
in its desperate plot to rig the September 22, 2018 Osun Governorship

The party said it is reprehensible that President Buhari, whose handlers
have been parading as ‘Mr. Integrity’, could approve such dark scheme to
convert funds meant for payment of several months’ arrears of workers’
salaries to bribe electoral officers and pay thugs to foist a rejected
leadership on an already impoverished people.

Further investigation reveals that bulk of the money has already been
penciled for sharing to APC leaders, especially at the national level,
as bribe, to short-circuit the system to favour President Buhari’s
relection bid, while the people of Osun continue to suffer deprivation.

The PDP has been further made aware of how part of the fund will be
moved to private company accounts as well as various hidden locations
for the compromised INEC officials and APC leaders.

Indeed, these revelations have clearly shown that the Buhari Presidency
and the APC care less about the welfare of Nigerians and have completely
sold themselves to sleazes and corruption for selfish gains.

The PDP therefore charges the people of Osun State, particularly the
workers  to rise up and reject this direct assault on their rights,
sensibilities and survival as a people, by the APC, which have become
notorious for corruption and subversion of rules.

Moreover, the PDP has been at alert regarding the movement of these
funds and other secret deals between the APC and INEC and will not
hesitate to expose the INEC officials, including a close relation of the
President, who has been the arrow head of plots to rig elections for the

The PDP invites the world to note how President Buhari and the APC, who
were huge beneficiaries of credible elections conducted by the PDP in
2015, are bent at destroying our hard-earned democracy, just because
they have been rejected by Nigerians.

Nevertheless, in spite of these machinations, the PDP wants the APC to
know that it has not retracted the resolve to contend with it head to
head, in all ramifications and magnitude, to discomfit and dismantle its
rigging machinery, beginning with September 22, 2018 Osun state
governorship election.

The PDP commends state governors, particularly a few in the APC, who
have spoken out against this sneaky act by the Buhari Presidency.

Our party will continue to work with these  patriotic individuals in the
overall quest to free our nation from the shackles and misrule of the
Buhari-led APC.


Kola Ologbondiyan
National Publicity Secretary

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