42 Lawyers Supporting Akpodiete Move To Stop 2019 Presidential Election Over Nomination Fees

42 Lawyers Supporting Akpodiete Move To Stop 2019 Presidential Election Over Nomination Fees

APC Presidential aspirant Mr. Christmas Akpodiete, will appear in court with 42 human right Lawyers as the case awaits hearing at the Federal High court Holden at Abuja.

Among are  5 senior advocates (SAN), 18 of his classmates and 19 probono Lawyers.

Two week ago, the Presidential aspirant dragged political parties to court over the constitutionality of the exorbitant nomination fees charged by political parities ahead of the 2019 elections.

Human right Lawyer,  and counsel to APC Presidential aspirant, Barr F.B Ehikioya, confirmed to newsmen in Abuja today that he will be appearing with 42 Lawyers when the case come up for hearing later this month. He said that “many Nigerians including lawyers have indicated interest in the matter”.

He also confirmed that parties in the suit will be served next week as the matter comes up for hearing.

He further started that “political parties failure to maintain status quo is at their own peril”.

Akpodiete also confirmed to Journalists that “the judiciary, will forever remain the last hope for the oppressed” and that “he will resist all attempt to unconstitutionally coronate any aspirant in this election”.  He insisted that “any law or policy that discriminates against group of persons  in Nigeria is voidable”.  The aspirant  refuse to comment further on the matter, stating that the court will decide.

Many Nigerians are disenfranchised because of the high cost of nomination forms, and they have placed their hope on contesting the 2019 elections on the outcome of this case.

Like Mr. Akpodiete, some aspirants believe that their constitutional right to contest as guaranteed by the 1999 constitution as amended have been taken away by the political parties high cost of nomination fees.

Dozens of legal practitioners are warming up for the case as Nigerians await the outcome.

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