2019: Group Gives President Buhari Ultimatum to Halt Killings Or…

2019: Group Gives President Buhari Ultimatum to Halt Killings Or…9

From Msughshima Andrew, Makurdi

A group called Builders of New Nigeria,(BNN) has vowed to mobilize all Nigerians to vote out President Muhammadu Buhari and the entire APC government if he fails to halt the killings across the country by next month.

The group during a press briefing in Makurdi condemned strongly what they termed as a genocide warning that if by the end of October these killings do not stop, they will mobilize all Nigerians especially the youth and women against President Buhari’s 2019 ambition.

The convener and National Chairman o the group, Mr Yinka Quadiri called on patriotic Nigerians to rise up and join the organization in ending the killings round the country saying Nigerians can no longer sit and watch while the country become a killing field.

Quadiri described the killing as a genocide that is threatening the survival of the country saying “Our commitment is not just to protest the sad situation but to decisively put a stop to it. We must kill the killings before the killings kill us all”,

He said they are on a fact finding solution tour to the Middle Belt to promote their “Kill the Killings Project”.

Quadiri also said the group is working with other NGOs and stakeholders to spark up what he called “Nigerian Peace Revolution” based on the fundamental human rights principles.

He disclosed that the group, in the course of their Middle Belt tour had discovered shocking realities but wish to commend those people who have shown commitment and fought to stop the killings.

The group specially commended the Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom for his love and commitment to securing the lives of his people and his unwavering fight against the killings with the enactment of the Anti-Open Grazing Law