Security Vote Probe: I am Being Persecuted… Ortom 

Security Vote Probe: I am Being Persecuted… Ortom

Security Vote Probe: I am Being Persecuted… Ortom

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From Msughshima Andrew, Makurdi

Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom has said the probe of his security vote by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, is nothing but persecution.

Ortom who stated this while speaking to Journalists in Makurdi, said so far, he is the only Governor in Nigeria whose Security vote is being investigated by EFCC.

He recalled that recently, the Presidential spokesman, Mr. Femi Adesina, said on Channels Television and I quote “I doubt, world over, if any government would come to say this is how much we have spent on security, because can you quantify the amount of one life? It is not something that any government will begin to disclose”. “Why should Benue case be different if not persecution?, he querried.

Ortom stared tgat If the EFCC wanted a genuine investigation of security vote spending, they should have started from the Presidency right across the 36 States.

He also said that if their focus was on Benue State, they should have started from 1999.

With the enormous security challenges in the State since my assumption of office, it is surprising that any one would expect me to do nothing but keep the security vote in the safe.

He explained that the security vote spending being investigated spans from 2015 to 2018, a period of grave security challenges in the State.

“I reiterate that the investigation is a clear case of persecution. I have not misappropriated, diverted or stolen any money. I have nothing to hide. I assure that the investigators can find nothing incriminating against me.

Ortom who queried why he is being persecuted said he has done no wrong in chaging party from the ruling APC to the PDP.

“What is wrong in changing party? When I left PDP some years ago to join APC, I was exercising my democratic rights. I have left APC back to PDP where I   served for over 12 years at various times as executive committee member. I left as a Minister in the PDP government and joined APC but I was not persecuted”.

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