The Controversies In The Hijab – By Chukwudi Ogbu

The Controversies In The Hijab – By Chukwudi Ogbu

The Controversies In The Hijab – By Chukwudi Ogbu

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 The Hijab is a cultural attire for Muslims. You would see them covering their head to jaw length, in most cases the entire face. They are wives of a certain Muslim brother. Or they may have been betrothed to one particular Alhaji. You don’t go close to them. It is atrocious. They hide their appearance from the public. Good one!  But our Reverend sisters does it more better with the veil.

 They claim the Hijab is sacred. And it is religious too. Anyone with the hijab must be holy. They demand utmost respect for the hijab. The public is ready to honour.

You must have seen mama bokoharam. She birthed these terrorist.The way she wore the hijab too, you would depict a thousand meaning. She wants to hide her identity. She uses the hijab. You want to commit a crime, you make use of the hijab.  The hijab has been used for more atrocities than of good. It has been worn in the streets of shagamu for obtaining false pretense.  People have shag in clandestine with the hijab after Ramadan. They attach no significance to it. But they demand we must give it respect because it is holy.

The holiness of an attire must be brazenly effective.

 There are some many Bokoharam members who disguises themselves by covering up with the hijab. They bomb Mosque. They dismantle schools. They also abduct children in hijab. Their own daughters. But value must be reciprocal. They must scrub the shrubs.

 Choreographers can dance with any attire. They must pass a message across to the public. It must be artistic. They are not spellbound.

 A certain Abdulsalam Firdrusa was denied the call to bar. She wore the Hijab to the ceremony. She broke protocol. You don’t change laws over night. You follow! The Christian sister did not put on her veil. She is not recalcitrant. She wore trousers in NYSC camp.

 The Relic of the last supper is holy. The disciples drank from it. They attached more significance to it like a man who just got wedded to his heartthrob. The Relic stands as a holy souvenir in the church. It is kept in the alter. The cardinal guides it from infidels. They always lurk in the church. But they will be wiped out.

 All attire of any religion should be accorded dignity before they demand respect.



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