Stop the Killings in Central Nigeria

Stop the Killings in Central Nigeria

Press Release

29th June 2019

Stop the Killings in Central Nigeria.

The Humanist Association of Nigeria (HAN) is deeply concerned over the persistent violent clashes between herdsmen and farmers in Central Nigeria. The association condemns very strongly the killings in Plateau state over the weekend that left over 100 people dead and several hundreds injured. It urges that the perpetrators be brought to justice.

HAN deplores the poor and ineffective handling of the herdsmen/farmers crisis by the government of President Muhammadu Buhari especially the government’s apparent inability to take strong measures to stop the killings by herdsmen in central Nigeria and beyond. HAN calls on the Buhari government to rise to the challenge of protecting the lives and property of all Nigerians and of enforcing of the rule of law without ethnic and religious fear or favour. We demand an overhauling of the state security, policing and intelligence agencies so that they can fulfill their constitutional duties without bias. HAN urges herdsmen, farmers and others in the affected regions to explore peaceful and non-violent means of resolving their differences.

Leo Igwe (Ibadan) Mubarak Bala (Kano) Zacham Bayei (Kaduna) Andrew Nandip Paul (Jos).

For the Humanist Association of Nigeria.



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