APGA Confirms Okorocha’s Bribe Offer

APGA Confirms Okorocha’s Bribe Offer

APGA Confirms Okorocha’s Bribe Offer

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What appears political musical chairs taking hold in the heartland of the nation may have struck the big masquerade in the person of Rochas Owelle Okorocha below the belt as he geared towards hoisting his young son in law, Uche Nwosu atop the political structure amassed by a long list of political bigwigs of Imo State. His efforts netted an All Progressive Congress [APC] unwilling to bow to his whims and caprices. The proverbial carpet was pulled from under him while he slept confidently as the king of APC in Imo State.

At the wake of what seemed unbelievable development for the Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, he turned to a familiar ground to seek soft landing. He turned to a former party of his which he had dumped in favor of the APC.

Our source who is a member of the national executive of the All Progressive Grand Alliance [APGA] told 247ureports.com authoritatively that Governor Rochas Okorocha approached the top members of the APGA national executives immediately following the APC wards congresses. “Rochas met with the Imo APGA Chairman, Chief Peter Ezeobi, with promises of financing the party’s gubernatorial race in Imo State”.

It was understood Rochas Okorocha have had a previous working relationship with the APGA Chairman of Imo State. Our source indicates that the Imo State APGA Chairman had been on the ‘take’ from the Governor.

Many of the would-be guber aspirants of APGA in Imo were candidates sent by Rochas Okorocha to Chief Ezeobi”.

According to our source, many of the would-be aspirants were direct Okorocha associates such as the Mayor of Orlu and others. The source explained that some of the aspirants have even met with the national chairman of the APGA, Victor Oye. “When I saw them come to meet with the national chairman, I warned our Chairman to be careful of these people. They were Okorocha boys”.

With the terrifying shock of a loss at the ward congresses, Okorocha reverted to his already ongoing relationship with the State APGA Chairman. He met with Peter Ezeobi. They discussed on the possibility of having Uche Nwosu jump camp from APC to APGA. Our correspondent spoke with Peter Ezeobi

247ureports.com was told that Rochas Okorocha had boasted to some members of APGA NEC that he was willingly to earmark over N3billion towards the gubernatorial campaign should his son in law be given the APGA gubernatorial ticket.

It is uncertain the response from the APGA but it is understood the majority of the NEC members rejected the idea.

Some of the NEC recalled the manner Okorocha obtained the APGA gubernatorial ticket under a deceptive cloak only to abandon the party later. They did not want a repeat.

Workers within the deputy governor of Imo State’s office explained that Okorocha may have reached deep into the APGA and its State Executives in Imo State more than the public was aware. The Governor is plotting the impeachment of the deputy governor, and he is also engaged in the possible destabilization of the APC in readiness to exit the party in APGA.

Okorocha is no longer interested in APC”, said a source within the governor’s office who explained that Okorocha had never enjoyed a good relationship with the national APC. He was not in particular good terms with the national chairman, Oyegun nor was he in good terms with the godfather of the party, Tinubu. The source noted that Okorocha is not seem as a trustworthy individual by the top party operators. In one instance, during the gubernatorial campaign in Ondo State, Rochas Okorocha was made to head the fund raising team for the APC gubernatorial candidate, Akeredolu. According to the source, Okorocha ‘edited’ the total sum before remitting over to the campaign. The source revealed that the national managers of the party knew of the action by Okorocha but allowed it without raising an issue. Other such behaviors exhibited by Okorocha of which the APC managers witnessed depicted him badly to the point “many see him as a 419 personality”.

His attempt at reentry into the APGA remains to be seen.




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