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Those Attacks On Ohakim And The Naked Demarketing Of Uche Nwosu – By Comrade Greg Nwadike



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Those Attacks On Ohakim And The Naked Demarketing Of Uche Nwosu – By Comrade Greg Nwadike

Those Attacks On Ohakim And The Naked Demarketing Of Uche Nwosu – By Comrade Greg Nwadike

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I do not take to glorifying stupidities, and that is why writing this with my By-Line pierces my dignity.

Recently on the Social media, I read a publication by a certain FCC Jones Onwuasoanya; one of the media aides of “Ugwumbaha” Uche Nwosu which he captioned “OHAKIM’S ONE CHANCE GAMBLE AND THE NOISE OF A NAKED MAN”

I read with shame and indignity as one of my own peers took on an elder of the state; a former governor of the great Imo, and one of the best brains in Nigeria, Chief Ikedi Ohakim with demeaning disrepute and impertinence suggesting disrespect. What was Ohakim’s crime? The former governor demanded that Judges in Imo state who have been owed about 16 months of their salaries by the Owele Rochas Okorocha’s administration be paid forthwith. Interestingly, Gov Okorocha has just heeded the advice and had paid the Judges 6 months out of their salaries today.

And so, Onwuasoanya; a young man of my generation dedicated and wasted all his typographic ingenuity and all that had been “wasted” by his parents in sending him to school just in abusing and pouring invectives on the former governor. The young man mobilized all he assumed malodourous and reeking against a man who at a time sustained him and paid his bills. He even suggested with brashness that the Imo former governor is a “psychiatric patient”. And after what many of us have now considered a great insult to our state, the overzealous writer even goes about expecting the world to clap at his “exploits”. How ignoble!

It was Nza the little bird, who after overfeeding itself with warms and maggots openly came out to challenge its Chi for a wrestling contest. If not for the scarcity of eagles, grasshoppers wouldn’t be thinking themselves birds just because they have wings. In a state where sound and sane minds have been cowed to hiding, likes of this rule as sheriffs.

I am not here as a spokesman for Ohakim or his Chief Press Secretary who in his writings and responses has shown decorum by maintaining facts and issues rather than attacking personalities, but posterity demands a disclaimer from my generation and team of pen workers that Onwuasoanya is on his own. Whatever he attracts to himself remains his and his alone, and not even upon his poor, innocent children if he has any. I am referring to not the physical here, but to repercussive inevitabilities associated with nature. What goes around comes around.

Disrespect to elders even in our culture as ndigbo is grossly forbidden. It is a taboo, so also in every other culture and religions. In the Bible, disrespect is always a bad thing, and respect is universally a good thing. Respect is admiration for a person because of his or her position, abilities, qualities, or achievements. Respect is associated with esteem, regard, high opinion, admiration, reverence, deference, and honor. In the Bible, respect is more specifically the act of acknowledging another person’s worth, especially because of position, honor, or age. Disrespect is the opposite of respect: it is failing to acknowledge another’s worth, withholding the honor that should be given, or actively demeaning someone.

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Respect should be given to those who are owed respect (Romans 13:7). The Bible mentions four categories of people to whom respect should be given: elders, authority figures, Jesus Christ, and mankind in general. First, elders are owed respect because of their age and experience. The Law includes a mandate to honor the face of an old man (Leviticus 19:32), and nations or people who disrespect their elders are called “hard-faced” (Deuteronomy 28:50, ESV). Paul exhorts Timothy not to rebuke older men in the same way he would rebuke young men, but to be gentle and encouraging and respectful, as to a father (1 Timothy 5:1). Since the experience that comes with old age is a key element in wisdom, to respect one’s elders is to respect the wisdom they can give.

In Islam, the Holy Quran also admonishes us to show respect to our elders. Anas reports from the Holy Prophet (SAW), as saying: “If a young man shows respect to an old-man on account of his old-age, Allah will create for him at his old-age someone who will show him respect, too.” Islam attaches so much importance to it that it is equated with glorifying the Almighty Allah.

While in the writing profession one is advised not to write to be dammed, this connotes both spiritual and physical. One’s writing can attract him physical destruction just as much as it can attract spiritual destruction. When a suckling like Onwuasoanya in his desperate quest to make money and pursue his ambition comes out throwing tantrums on his elders just because he can write, it becomes obvious that he is attracting to himself spiritual destruction.

Nature in its wisdom bestowed us with ability to decipher between good and bad. Some of us in similar profession have rejected mouth-watering offers because their biddings ran contrary to good consciences. Only a desperate, frantic and unreliable character can write or do anything for money and power. This is exactly where Uche Nwosu must watch it. This writer who today hits at others for you must never be trusted to be kept around you.

As it is today, Onwuasoanya’s works and media staccato and monosyllabic surmises for Uche Nwosu have done more damages to Uche Nwosu’s gubernatorial ambition than good. Leaders of the state now fear that if Okorocha had whipped the people with ordinary canes, what is the guarantee that Nwosu wont whip them with horsewhips? If Uche Nwosu’s media handlers would come this harsh insulting anyone with contrary views, including former governors and leaders in the state when he is just a mere Chief Of Staff, what then will be our future when he becomes governor?

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As it is today, evidences are gradually emerging that Uche Nwosu will be worse than Okorocha if he becomes Imo governor. It is on record that Governor Rochas Okorocha fared better between his first and three years in office as a first timer. His deteriorating image started when Uche Nwosu became part of his inner caucus as Chief of Staff. That was when Okorocha’s friends, including the poor corn sellers he had courted started becoming his enemies.

There is a danger in making a slave master over free-born. First, there is this desperate attempt to conquer an existing inferiority complex which is usually observed in his amateurish overacting aimed at portraying an I-can-also-be-boss attitude to his peers. We have seen this during his attack with his thugs on this writer on the 16th of February 2015. He later boasted to some persons that “I supervised his beating”. We are still seeing this complex in him as he daily unleashes his power and influence on the publisher of Community Watchdog Newspaper, Mr. Precious Nwadike with intents to silence him and other mates on his way.

Not stopping at that, Uche has been observed developing network of media and other unethical attackers equipped to go all out for their targets even as elections approach. There is currently fear in so many quarters that Imo state would soon be made unsafe for anyone with dissenting views to Uche Nwosu’s guber ambition. This is not how to seek to be a leader.

A youth of Uche Nwosu’s like and position should recruit aides with intellectual capacities to win him followers with facts, logics and amiability, not by coercion, intimidation and bullying of any ind. In my view, FCC Jones Onwuasoanya has shown nothing but all negative vices above in his writings and, this is a great disservice to Uche Nwosu’s pursuit.

If youths in leadership we seek are this type of disrespectful, uncultured, apathetic creatures, then let the elders continue. If youths in leadership that we seek are those who would disparage elders and sneer our leaders; if they would turn society to jungle by introducing and funding killer squads and cultists, then the analogue leaders should better be allowed to remain. If youth is that ill-mannered, that untrained beer guzzling and hemp smoking writer who would go berserk and insulting a former governor for asking that youths’ parents be paid their salaries, then I am okay having the ancients preside over me. Certainly, this youth can’t make a good leader.

The need to warn youths who believe that because they have tails dangling between their thighs just like their fathers make them men on equality is the purpose of this treatise for ”at the end, we shall blame not the criticisms of our enemies but the silence of our friends”

Greg Nwadike is from Orlu in Imo state and can be reached via greyviewstudios@gmail.com

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