I Am Not Going To The Senate To Fight – Senator (Elect) Victor Umeh

I Am Not Going To The Senate To Fight – Senator (Elect) Victor Umeh

I am Going There To Support The Present Leadership Of The Senate

I Will Try To Be Ingenious In Making My Contributions For The Good Of Nigeria

I Will Champion The Course Of The Less Privileged And The Unemployed Youths

I Am Never Limited By Time In Things I Believe I Can Do

Chief Victor Umeh On His Mission To The Senate…

The People’s Senator Elect, Chief Sir Victor Umeh has revealed key issues that should be expected of him when sworn into the senate.

Speaking to the press shortly after the Episcopal High Mass marking the 2018 Armed Forces Remembrance Day Celebration at St. Patrick’s Catholic Cathedral, Awka, the Senator Elect for Anambra Central, Chief Sir Victor Umeh stated thus…

*”I am never limited by time in things I believe I can do. By the time I get there (the senate), I will do my aught most-best; supporting the leadership of the present senate. Some people think I am going there to fight… No! I am going to support the present leadership of the senate and try to be ingenious in making my contributions for the good of Nigeria.*

*”So, when I get to there, I will explore the possibilities of receiving additional attention from the leadership of the National Assembly. They have to look at Anambra Central with pity for what have happened to us. Some persons didn’t think about the people, they thought about themselves and kept our seat vacant, and did everything to keep it vacant till 2019 but God stopped them yesterday”*

He commended the leadership of INEC for the decision of conducting the election in line with the provisions of the law and to the yearnings of the people of Anambra Central for a senator.

*”if not for the firm dispositions of the present INEC leadership, this shenanigans would have continued unabated till the end of the tenure. You can imagine that only last week, suits bothering on Anambra Central senatorial district were about four in various courts in Abuja all trying to stop the election mindlessly but I thank God that the Court of Appeal rose to the occasion and the Federal High Court Judge that nearly caused the miscarriage of justice recounted and did what he aught to have done in the first place. So everything is good now. My prayers is that God will give our people the opportunity to receive proper attention when I get to Abuja.”*

Speaking further on his mission to the senate, he said.

*the legislators have a lot of works to do to engender development in the country and make good laws that will create opportunities for our youth; laws that will mobilize the government to take steps towards providing employments for our teaming youths. If we don’t solve the unemployment problem in Nigeria, our youths will continue to be restive. “*

Senator Victor Umeh advocates for equity and fairness in the governance of the nation pledging to champion the course of the less privileged in the country.

He condemned the killings by Fulani herdsmen in some parts of the nation describing it as a serious issue bothering on the nation. He advocates also for a modern way of rearing cattle and the use of ranches as alternative to the primitive way of “migrant cattle rearing”.

He dedicated Saturday’s victory to the patient and loving people of Anambra Central for their patience and support throughout the years of huddles; to Mary and Her Son Jesus, for the grace to persevere. He also dedicated it to ‘His Mentor and Source of Inspiration’ late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu and finally to his late sister, Adaku Modesta Alado who begun the journey but fell heartbroken when the 5th March 2016 election was thwarted by callous and unrepentant individuals.