Leadership Tussle: Labor Party To Replace 6 NWC Members Next Week

Leadership Tussle: Labor Party To Replace 6 NWC Members Next Week

Leadership Tussle: Labor Party To Replace 6 NWC Members Next Week

…Commends INEC for justice

As part of efforts to reposition the leadership of the party towards 2019 general elections, the Labour Party (LP) has concluded plans to hold a meeting next week, where six national officers will be suspended and replaced through an election.

National Chairman of the party Alhaji Abdulkadir Abdulsalam, revealed this on Thursday in an interview with newsmen in Abuja that other officers who colluded with a faction of the party to cause leadership tussle have returned to beg for forgiveness and the party has forgiven them.

While wishing the Labour Party members and all Nigerians a prosperous New Year, Abdusalam commended the leadership of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) under Prof. Mahmmod Yakubu, for standing by the truths.

“We are holding meeting next week to suspend all of them and elect new ones. We have already have the names of likely new officers with us but they will be announced next week and tnis party will surely be a party to beat in 2019 general elections, and that is why some misguided individuals thought that this is a money making gold venture but unfortunately for them, it is not so. Labour Party is about service to people and to Nigeria as a country and we going to render the service.

While reacting to position of the electoral empire as regard the leadership crisis witnessed in Labour Party recently, Abdusalam said: INEC was tremendous, straight forward, sincere and uphold the rule of law. INEC allowed justice and fair play to overcome lies and imposition during the of a kangaroo convention.

“I commend INEC under Prof. Mahmood Yakubu for his steadfastness and standing for what is truth, for understand what is just and stand by the justice. He is not that kind of Professors who dilly dialing at the instance of fake disposition. I salute him and I salute all the commissioners.”

In his New Year message to the party members, the national chairman praised them for “their commitments, steadfastness, encouragement and loyalty to our leadership and the Labour Party itself.”

He said the party was repositioning to make a good outing in 2019 general elections.

According to article 18 of Labour Party, “the national chairman of the party may be suspended or removed from the office on a vote of no confidence passed by at least two-thirds majority at a national convention convened solely by him for such purpose.”



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