Ikpeazu Rejects Cattle Colony For Herdsmen In Abia State 

Ikpeazu Rejects Cattle Colony For Herdsmen In Abia State

Ikpeazu Rejects Cattle Colony For Herdsmen In Abia State

Abia State Governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, has rejected plans by the federal government to establish “cattle colonies” for Fulani Herdsmen and their cows in Abia State.

In a release signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr Enyinnaya Appolos, the Governor stated that Abia state will not cede any part of her territory to Fulani herdsman as colony for cattle.

According to Governor Ikpeazu; “we reject any plan to establish cattle colonies for herdsmen in Abia State.

“We don’t have enough land for our agricultural activities and our people want more land.

“Giving away any part of Abia land as a colony to herdsmen, wherever they may be from, will be most unjust and unfair treatment to Abia State and her people who are largely farmers.

“Such alien land occupation will also cause unrest and crisis that may grow beyond what we can handle when it happens, so the best thing I think we should do is to reject such plans so that those behind it will know that Abia State is not party to it.”



  1. All Igbo governors must fall in line in not ceding any square inch of Igboland for cattle and their herdsmen. This is particularly surprising that such a demand is coming in such a brazen fashion under a President whose mantra during the election that brought him to office that his goal was to unite Nigeria. Nigeria will fall into smithereens if such proposal gains a foothold in the Nigerian legislature.

  2. It is possible to consider Cattle Ranches for certain area of Igbo Land but it should not be for free but rather in the form of a Land Contract or Ground Lease from the states to the Federal Government for Certain number of years, with some restrictions and covenants.

    There should be annual lease rent per year payable to the states and the ranchers who occupy the Land should be made to pay annual property tax and be subjects to all local ordinances and state law.
    John Nkwuo PE (USA)


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