OurMumuDonDo Movement: Hold Buhari Responsible For Fuel Scarcity

OurMumuDonDo Movement: Hold Buhari Responsible For Fuel Scarcity

OurMumuDonDo Movement: Hold Buhari Responsible For Fuel Scarcity

The OurMumuDonDo Movement wishes to express absolute dissatisfaction at the lingering fuel scarcity presently rocking the entire nation.

Despite the fact that the nation’s economy is in shambles and the present administration has been creating unemployment in the place of the mass employment it promised, the desire of Nigerians to at least celebrate this season of festivities has been marred by unprecedented nationwide fuel dearth. We have also heard that many petrol stations are engaged in massive hoarding of Premium Motor Spirit when they should be distributing the product to all Nigerians who need it.

This nefarious act by PMS distributors nationwide is totally inhuman and unacceptable. Even worse is the apparent lack of concern of the Minister of Petroleum, Muhammadu Buhari at this difficult time when Nigerians need his leadership the most. No doubt, President Buhari has failed over and over again to live up to his gazillion promises to Nigerians.

It is therefore imperative for the FG to take note of the excruciating predicament of the Nigerian people at this time and desist from any plan to increase the price of PMS above 145Naira per liter. For it is already being rumored that PMS is being sold at 300Naira per liter in some places and even 500Naira per liter in other places.

Further to this, It is imperative that the FG disclose to Nigerians the true status of the oil industry with regards to the removal of Subsidy: Are we still paying subsidy or not?

Conclusively, therefore, we impetrate the president of Nigeria and Minister of Petroleum of the Federation, Muhammadu Buhari to step up to the plate and alleviate the suffering of Nigerians by ensuring that there is ample circulation of PMS across the nation. We also wish to remind the president that his failure to surcease the current fuel scarcity/hoarding will be succinctly translated to mean he is totally incapable of discharging the duties and responsibilities of the office of the Minister of Petroleum and shall consequently be held responsible for the present lack of effective leadership and coordination beleaguering the cash cow sector of the nation.

Again and again, we wish to emphasize that we shall hold President Buhari responsible should this Fuel Scarcity linger beyond December 31, 2017. Indeed, Nigerians are tired of his repulsive apathy towards their plight.

Merry Christmas.

God Bless Nigeria.

Adebayo Raphael
FOR: OurMumuDonDo

Deji Adeyanju
FOR: Concerned Nigerians

Ariyo Dare Atoye
For: Coalition in Defence Of Nigerian Democracy

Bako Abdul Usman
For: Campaign For Democracy

Moses Paul
FOR: MAD Connect



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