“Peter Obi Using Stolen Campaign Funds From Jonathan To Finance Obaze Campaign” – Former Aide


Anambra gubernatorial race of 2017 may go to the record books as most heated and possibly volatile. Particularly between the incumbent party, APGA [All Progressive Grand Alliance] and main opposition party, PDP [Peoples Democratic Party] which adopted a former staff of the incumbent governor as its gubernatorial candidate. A candidate allegedly imposed by Chief Peter Obi upon the PDP.

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A former aide and kinsman to the former governor of Anambra State [Chief Peter Gregory Obi] in the person of Chief Ben Obi spoke to 247ureports.com regarding the underbellies of the unfolding events in the political tussle to mount the governor’s seat come November 18, 2017.

The former aide who served under the then Governor Peter Obi as a close confident and a childhood friend revealed that Chief Peter Obi had conned the people of Anambra State for over eight years and counting. “He is a talented crook

He explained that Peter Obi tricked the then President of the federal republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan out of over N70billion earmarked for campaign activities for the South East geopolitical zone. Peter Obi was in charge of the south east operations.

Chief Ben Obi also known as Igwe APGA made the jolting revelation that Peter Obi had collected monies meant for purchase of campaign vehicles for Jonathan’s reelection campaign and diverted it for other purposes. He pointed to the over 350 Toyota Sienna minivans purchased for the south east campaign.

He stated that Peter Obi took the entire minivans and hid them at a friend’s [Late Sir Joe Nwankwu] factory in Abagana. The factory was used to manufacture Cannon Beer previously. The son of Late Sir Joe Nwankwu, Emeka Nwankwu served as a commissioner under Peter Obi’s administration. He was the Commissioner for Public Utilities.

Chief Ben Obi went on to reveal that Peter Obi has now decided to open the gates to the old factory to release the stolen vehicles to furnish Oseloka Obaze’s gubernatorial campaign under the PDP. The buses are presently being formatted with PDP campaign regalia to fit the Obaze campaign train.

Jonathan will never forgive Peter Obi for what he did to him” says Chief Ben Obi while explaining that Peter Obi lost 3million votes in the south east compared to the 2011 elections when Jonathan scored 6million votes. In 2015, with Peter Obi as campaign head, Jonathan scored only 3million. “Peter Obi pocketed the money and failed to deliver”.

Chief Ben Obi adds, “Now he wants to use the stolen money to finance Oseloka Obaze. Anambra people will not allow it”. Chief Obi tags Oseloka Obaze as a lackey of Peter Obi who he wants to use to score a revenge at the seating governor – for personal reasons. “We are not part of their quarrel. Anambra people are satisfied with Governor Obiano”.

Chief Ben Obi lamented bitterly that if the people of Anambra State knew the extent of con game pulled by Peter Obi over Anambra State and her people, they will outraise or stone him. “Peter Obi was a very smart con man while he was seating as governor”. Chief Ben Obi explained that Peter Obi knew how to play with figures.

Chief Ben Obi pointed to the Onitsha Shopping Mall as an example. He recalled that Peter Obi claimed the State had invested N1billion in the venture – which was designed as a joint venture with a private company.

He pointed to Peter Obi’s own revelation. Peter Obi’s spokesman Joe-Martins Uzodike had told Channels Television that Peter actually did not invest money in Onitsha shopping mall as well as other projects which he regarded as investments. Peter Obi only donated 10plots of government owned land – which he valued at N1b. Interestingly, Peter Obi included the N1billion as part of the N75b investment and cash handed over to the Obiano administration.

Is the cost of 10 plots in Onitsha now cost 1 billion naira? This amount forms part the 75 billion allegedly handed over Obiano by Peter Obi.”

Chief Ben Obi continues that “anyone who believes Peter Obi handed over N75billion to Obiano should believe his mother is a virgin too”.

The former aide and kinsman explained that the present desertion of the Obaze campaign stems from the stakeholders realization of the type of person Peter Obi is. According to the former aide, the PDP stakeholders have washed their hands of the Obaze candidacy because of Peter Obi. “They want nothing to do with him“.

247ureports.com reached out to the Peter Obi and Obaze camp, they refused to comment officially to the allegations from the former aide. But a top ranking member stated that all that matters is that “we will win. The allegations don’t matter.”




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