Kenya Boarding School Attack Leaves Six Dead


At least five students and a security guard have been shot and killed in a dawn attack at a secondary school in northern Kenya.

The attack was allegedly led by a former student who had been suspended, the school’s head teacher said.

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He is accused of returning to dormitories at the school in Lokichogio on Saturday with two accomplices.

As well as killing six people, witnesses say they raped two girls and injured another 18 students.

Local media report that the boy – said to be from nearby South Sudan – was lynched by residents of a nearby refugee camp who stormed the police station where he was being held.

According to the head teacher, the suspect had fought with another pupil, leading to his suspension.

He then returned to AIC Lokichogio Secondary School to search for the boy, who was not there at the time.

Turkana County Commissioner Seif Matata told Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaperthat the suspect “was heard telling fellow students that he is going to burn the school or he will come back and avenge because of the suspension”.

The Kenya Red Cross says it has evacuated the injured.



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