By Ogbonna Casmir, Enugu

Is Buhari Taking Nigeria For Granted?

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Shame as two Catholic Priests, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka of the Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Nigeria, and Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obinma of Adoration Ministry, Uke, Anambra State appears to be supremacy battle following Sunday’s stern warning from Mbaka’s followers against the Fr. Obinma.

Fr. Obinma, popularly known as ‘Ebube Muo Nso’ was said to have accused Fr. Mbaka of being fake and being less popular than Nnamdi Kanu of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, following the Mbaka’s openly condemnation of Kanu and his supporters of deceiving Igbos.

He was quoted as saying “Nnamdi Kanu is more important to Igbos and more prophetic than Mbaka.

“At least, he Nnamdi Kanu foresaw what is happening now while Mbaka was busy then campaigning for APC, now that APC has failed, Mbaka has not condemned the same APC party that he campaigned for, let the will of God be done and let Mbaka go to rest.”

However, Mbaka’s parishioners during solidarity march for him in Enugu, ‎urged the Catholic Archbishop of Onitsha Archdiocese to tame what they termed “the chronic excesses and manhunt of Fr. Mbaka by Fr. Obinma of the Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry Ukeh, Anambra State.”

The group stated that they had waited for Obinma to deny the above media report credited to him but that his silence amounted to his acceptance that those were his very words.

Speaking on behalf of the protesting parishioners, Mr. Sam Ukam‎ said, “Fr. Obinma’s above statement is not only mischievous and malicious but was borne out of his chronic jealousy for Fr. Mbaka and his deliberate calculation to incite Ndigbo against Fr Mbaka.

“He is merely playing to the gallery to give the false impression that he loves Nnamdi Nkanu and that Fr. Mbaka hates him or that he (Obinma) loves Igbo people more than Fr Mbaka.

“Obinma’s unguarded utterances cannot blindfold the Igbo nation from the reality of Fr Mbaka’s love for them evident in Fr Mbaka’s direct employment of over seven thousand Igbo indigenes, not to talk of the multitude of Igbo indigenes who indirectly depend on him and his product for their daily living.

“The number of indigent Igbo indigenes under Fr Mbaka’s scholarship both within and outside the country and the uncountable number of indigent Igbo patients whose medical bills are being offset by Fr Mbaka, all speak volumes of Fr Mbaka’s love for Ndi Igbo. It is for this reason that we think that that Obinma doesn’t deserve the honour of Fr Mbaka’s reply to his careless statements.”

He added that “Mbaka has demonstrated unequalled love and care for the Igbo nation in his twenty years standing as a priest and we wonder how Obinma, a priest of just about four years counting could have the effrontery to think he can manipulate any right thinking Igbo indigene into believing that he loves Ndi Igbo more than Fr Mbaka. We consider Fr Obimma’s statement as insulting to Fr Mbaka and demand unreserved apology from him to Fr Mbaka.”

Another parishioner, Mr. Chimezie Agbo who claimed he started following Fr. Mbaka right from the beginning of his ministry said, “Obinma’s mission as clearly evident in his mode of operations has always been targeted towards eliminating Fr Mbaka.

“First, Obimma named his prayer ministry at Ukeh ‘Adoration Ministry’ in a bid to deceive people into thinking that it is one and the same with Fr Mbaka’s Adoration Ministry which started decades of years ago. This was the very first crafty strategy Obimma used and is still using in converting and diverting things meant for Fr Mbaka’s Adoration Ministry to Obinma’s Adoration Ministry.”

The parishioners stated that Obinma “is not only fake but also a copycat devoid of any atom of originality. Obinma is the one who masterminded and sponsored the popular musical video ‘Mbaka Why’ which was released in 2015 to run down Fr Mbaka and his prophesy of President Buhari’s victory in 2015.

“We have hard evidence of Obinma’s involvement in the said musical video and we are ready to confront him with it if he denies it. Also, if anything should happen to Fr Mbaka today, Obinma should be held responsible going by his antecedents, utterances and overt acts.

“It is a common knowledge that Obinma prophesied victory for Goodluck Jonathan and PDP in 2015 presidential election at his ‘Adoration Ministry’ at Ukeh Anambra State.

“Instead of burying his face in shame as a false prophet (which Buhari’s Victory proved him to be), Obinma now want to save his face by asserting that ‘Mbaka was busy campaigning for APC, and now that APC has failed, Mbaka has not condemned the same APC party that he campaigned for’.

“It is a pity that while Obinma still wallows in the myopia of his affiliation and cleavage to political parties, Fr Mbaka and Adoration ministry Enugu thrives in a realm of Holy Spirit devoid of any political party affiliations. Fr Mbaka focuses on good personalities and not the party they come from”.

“That is why today in Adoration ministry Enugu, good leaders and office holders from APC, PDP, APGA and any other political party in Nigeria do come to worship in the Adoration ministry Enugu and are well received by Fr Mbaka and the ministry.

“At the time Fr Mbaka prophesied the victory of President Buhari, he had neither met nor had any contact with Buhari nor did he so prophesy merely because Buhari was an APC presidential candidate. This should be a clear message to the ilk of Obinma that Fr Mbaka’s has no affiliation to any political party.

“It is self evident that Obinma in his statement is the one who set for himself the comparison of who is more important to Igbos between Nnamdi Kanu and Fr Mbaka and who is more prophetic between them. By that censorious and unnecessary comparison, Obinma has in his own words out counted himself from the list of important Igbos and list of prophets”.