Businessman Makes Case For Made In Aba Products

Tension In Abia Polytechnic Over Sack Of 500 Workers


*Commends Ikpeazu


A businessman, Dr. John Nwankwo has said that only patronage of made in Nigeria goods would boost the economy’s economy as well as provide employment opportunities for the country’s teeming population.


He stated that Nigeria’s love for foreign made goods have led to the closure of local industries and aggravated the unemployment problem in the country and called on the government to introduce policies that could encourage local production.


Nwankwo, who is the President of Comfort Stevens, a multinational e-commerce vendor company, lamented that Nigerians have continued to patronize foreign goods even when there exist similar local products which could compare favourably in the market.


He commended Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu for his efforts at promoting made in Aba products and enjoined Nigerians to stop celebrating foreign products at the detriment of local ones.


“Nigerians have over celebrated China and Italian products. Aba .We need to patronize made in Aba products. China has taken 99% of the Nigerian market.  It also supplies nealy 60% of the world footwear. We need to do this to encourage our artisans and boost the local economy.


“Our company has developed a platform where marketers, artisans, manufacturers, exporters and importers of products of made in Aba products could sell goods and services without barrier. Somebody here in Aba can have his products being sold in Canada and USA, Comfort Stevens has come to grant global access to made in Aba products. Aba produces the best garment but it has been looked down upon , our people don’t patronize them.”


He disclosed that the company uses internet technology and human resources to create economic value through promoting non oil sector goods with emphasis on made in Aba products.


“We provide e -media market place Company where manufacturers, marketers and entrepreneurs of made in Aba goods can sell and deliver products through mail and courier. Producers of made in Aba products now have a platform to market their products across the world. Many producers who have never left Aba now have a platform to market their products abroad.”



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