“Biafra Is A Fight For The Survival Of Christians In Nigeria” – Nnamdi Kanu


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The persecution of the peoples of Biafra has been because of our enterprise and strong believes in the Judeo-Christian faith. ‎I am happy that in Nigeria today, leaders are beginning to realize the existential threat to the survival of Christians in Nigeria.
The struggle for Biafra which I proudly lead but often misunderstood by few negative opinion molders and failed Nigerian leaders who see it as a secessionist aspiration of the Igbos only – have been exposed by recent events of multiple agitations across the length and breath of Nigeria. For the avoidance of doubt – Biafra is not just a living agitation but a fight for the survival of Christians in Nigeria against the entrenched threats of radical Islamic fundamentalism and their political collaborators in Nigeria and outside.  ‎
From Adamawa, to Taraba, Niger, Plateau, Benue and Kaduna (specifically, Southern Zaira). The survival and existence of the indigenous peoples of these places are under severe threat of extinction. I am happy the leaders of these areas are now waking up to the morbid realization of the grave threats which strangulates Christians in Nigeria.
Therefore, Nnamdi Kanu nor IPOB is not the problem with Nigeria. It is very clear that Nigeria has failed as a State in its current organization and composition, and in its response where issues of the protection of lives and properties of Christians are concerned.
The issues at stake are not about North vs. East or North vs. South but about the survival of our peoples, our culture and religious beliefs – and about good versus evil. ‎


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