“Self Determination Inevitable Without Restructuring” – Ohanaeze

Ohanaeze Press Release
….Wants the Acting President to rise to the Challenge
The President General of Ndigbo apex body, the Ohanaeze, Chief John Nnia Nwodo has said that the continued agitation of Igbo youths across the country is a byproduct of persistent injustice and marginalization arising from bad leadership and unjust structure of the country’s polity.
Chief Nwodo who spoke as guest at the Channels talkshow program, the Sunrise on Monday said that the various restiveness across the country is an indication of an unworkable political system that should be revisited.
The Ohanaeze boss who bemoaned the rising hate against Ndigbo in the country,  rolled out list of some Igbo citizens murdered and whose goods worth millions of Naira were looted across the country without any reasonable response from government.
He said that the current structure of the country is not tuned for development and wondered why the Conference of 2014 is not being revisited.
When asked why Ohanaeze did not oppose the sit- at -home order called by the Biafra agitators, Chief Nwodo said it couldn’t have since they were not by sitting at home, violating any known Nigeria law in mourning their over 3m kith and kins who died during the war with half of them dying of hunger and starvation.
On the position of Ohanaeze on the Biafra agitation, Chief Nwodo said that the apex body has not endorsed the secession struggle but cannot stop the agitators more so when the issues that compelled them remain unattended to.
The Ohanaeze leader said that what Ndigbo want is a Nigeria of equal ownership not where some see the country as their empire and the rest as a conquered territory.
He described as unfortunate the conspicuous absence of the President at this time that calls for astute leadership for the country and advised the Acting President to rise up to the challenge and make some consultations on how to move this country forward.
Ohanaeze boss remarked that nothing can be more evident of bad leadership in the country than that after the lawless statement from Arewa youths that was greeted with wide condemnation from reasonable minds in the North, Middle belt, South West and South South, no arrest has so far been made, rather the people are daring the authorities.
Chief Nwodo described as worrisome the fact that after such grave utterance from the northern youths, that touched on national security, the Federal government is yet to act, the Inspector General who called his Commissioners across the county to read a riot act, is yet to make any arrest.
On the conflicting statements from Ohanaeze Ndigbo on the issue, Chief Nwodo wondered why the media continues to publish utterances from other voices when he as President General with his cabinet has spoken on an issue.
Chuks ibeagbu
Deputy Publicity Ohanaeze Ndigbo


  1. Chief Nwodo, I do appreciate your worthy statement on the ongoing rage across our country for and against Ndi Igbo. YOU WERE RIGHT TO SAY THAT BY ORDERING A SITDOWN AT HOMEE FOR Ndi Igbo,,,, IPOB leaders did not commit any offence. I agree because such order was NOT mandatory. But AREWA Youths watched and felt that the order was faithfully obeyed and responded in kind. The blame must go around, for what goes round must also come around. No Igbo man has been served Quit NOTICE and we cannot assume that our people must start packing and running or the police should go about arresting all the AREWA YOUTH members who attended the meeting.
    I expect leaders in your position MUST make statements to calm the tension and take no stand on either side because all these are young men who never witnessed the evils of civil commotion and war. Since you support ONE NIGERIA our attitude must be to discourage all our youths from careless show of strength which they unfortunately lack. Rather you should with your executive members visit our immediate ethnic neighbors of South South, South West, Middle Belt region and the fringes of ethnic minorities in the southern part of Kaduna and sabongaris of Kano and secure one voice for RESTRUCTURING AND PUT THE FAR north IN DESPERATE MINORITY. THIS IS WHAT I CALL common sense approach TO a problematic situation. We cannot have everything we want but we must get our closest neighbors sing the same song with the same tune.
    Going back to history, your famed father Chief Nwodo along with Nnamdi Azikiwe did that under NCNC, then Zik after the civil war did it with all Benue /Plateau region under NPP. But as Chief Awolowo tried to go it alone he failed woefully and died without achieving his most wanted position of President. This is the TIME to come together with all who cry for a FAIR AND JUST COUNTRY. Biafra won’t solve it But will create more problems for everybody. Nze CA Agwunobi


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