Biafra: “Agitation Has Its Role To Play” – Senator Abaribe

Breaking News: DSS Arrests Sen Enyinnaya Abaribe

The after effects coming from the book launching on April 27, 2017 authored by Godwin Udide and Law Mefor titled Audacity of Power and the Nigeria Presidency continues to linger beyond the International Conference Center [ICC] in Garki, Abuja. This is as the leader of arguably the foremost self determination group in West Africa, the Indigenous People of Biafra [IPOB], regained his freedom from the grips of the federal government of Nigeria the day following the launch of the book.

The Senator representing the Igbo caucus in the Senate and representing the senatorial district were Nnamdi Kanu hails from, Senator Abaribe made a presentation at the book launch where he pointedly told the seated audience that although he does not support the agitation for Biafra by force or by violent means or illegal means, he understands the need and the role that agitation plays in a democracy and in a situation – as the one the Igbo find themselves in presently.

His remarks came in response to the address of Udenta O. Udenta who supposedly reviewed the book but refused to sight or quote any text from the book. Rather he chose diatribe. He launched a diatribe against the agitation for Biafra. In his nearly 2hour long speech, he throw inciting vectors at the struggle and stragglers for Biafra. He said, “Biafra is an utopia, a fantasy and a fools play”.

Udenta. O. Udenta reviewing the book…

Udenta O. Udenta who was once the campaign manager for Abubakar Atiku and largely a benefactor of northern political structure, spoke vehemently against Biafra and the idea of Biafra. “We can do restructuring and when our Senators refuse, we can protest at the national assembly and shut them down. We should fight the ‘group think’ of wanting a new Biafra. It is a foolish thing to do“.

Udenta O. Udenta topped his review of the book by referring to Biafra and Biafrans as “Snakes and Lizards”. Can you imagine goin back to the days of kwashioko and malnutrition when one will be asked to eat lizard because as cure to kwashioko. They said lizards and snakes contained vitamins“.

Udenta went on to speak of how the south east and south south could find a friendly hand of partnership with the north. He shared his dream of a united one-Nigeria living under a restructured map – similar to the one proposed by the likely presidential aspirant under the All Progressive Congress [APC], Alhaji Abubakar Atiku. [Udenta’s relationship with Atiku dates back decades.]

As Udenta spoke, the audience watched on in bewilderment.

Senator Abaribe who signed the bail documents for the release of Nnamdi Kanu on April 28, 2017 told Udenta O. Udenta that his reference to the agitators as fools and fantasy seekers were out of place.



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