Open Letter To EFCC Chairman:  Injustice, Bias, Compromise And Unprofessionalism Of The EFCC Zonal Office, Port Harcourt, Led By Mr.Ishaq Salihu



Permit me Mr. Chairman, to boycott protocols, and address the issues the way it lays.

I write as an investigative Journalist and Human Rights Activist, who have followed the activities of the Commission, and have also worked with the EFCC and ICPC in ridding the society of corrupt persons and organizations.

May I bring to your notice sir, that on the 27th of February, 2017, in a letter to the zonal head of the commission in Port Harcourt, I requested for the Commission’s position, in the case between Mrs. Oghogho Irabor and Mr.Amadin Aideyan, which the EFCC has failed in its responsibility to prosecute the alleged culprit on account of fraud.

May I reiterate on my letter to the EFCC Sir that, the case between Oghogho Irabor and Amadin was brought to my attention, by one of the brothers to a party in the case.

Having met and conducted an oral interview in Benin in February 21, 2017, with the parties in the matter, including one of the lawyers, I wrote to the zonal office, port Harcourt, requesting for the EFCC’s position on the matter, to aid my  reportage in the below details:

In Jan of 2015, Oghogho Irabor sister filed a petition with EFCC and the case was investigated. On April 9 2016, after the EFCC did their investigations The EFCC Came heavily armed with 7 operatives to arrest Amadin Aideyan on April 9 2016 on fraud related issues from PH Zonal office.

On April 29 of 2016, in a conference with all parties at EFCC office in Port Harcourt, the alleged fraudster, Amadin Aideyan admitted to the fraud of withdrawals of over 15 million Naira from Pa S.A Aidenyan , their late father’s First Bank account, and the movement of the Properties of the bookshop to a different location, which he promised at the EFCC office in Port Harcourt, that he will take your men to where he kept those things when they arrive Benin again.

My request was to inquire why the EFCC has refused to charge him, and the challenges the commission may have encountered in carrying out its statutory duty.

In my letter to the zonal head of Port Harcourt, I had stated that I was strongly informed that one of the parties,  Amadin, is bragging that he can’t be touched because he has paid off the EFCC officers.

Sir, you will agree with me that the Buhari’s administration, which you currently serve as the EFCC chairman, do not condone corruption, hence, this case has lingered since April 2016, the commission made an arrest, and freed the suspect, and nothing was ever heard, giving credence to Amadin’s boastfulness, that the Commission has been “settled.”

In several petitions to the EFCC, the lawyer to one of the parties, Barrister Joe Aliyu had written the commission, without response.

Sir, one of the parties said, he has been in contact with the EFCC Abuja and Port Harcourt offices on twitter, but no favourable response, as the EFCC has maintained a long silence, in the midst of an overwhelming fraud and admittance by Mr.Amadin.

According to the EFCC operatives in April 29 2016, ‘we will come to Benin city and do more investigation.” where Barrister Joe Aliyu and the Amadin’s lawyer will be invited before a final report will be made by them, but up till now, nothing has been heard from the commission.


Sir, the media as a tool for the downtrodden, and an unbiased umpire, this letter is to draw your attention to the compromised stance of your men, where they refuse to act appropriately in discharging their duties, which they swore to do.

The lackadaisical attitude of your men is a call for concern, as the integrity of the commission is at stake, as Nigerians watch keenly.

Like I stated in my letter to the zonal head in Port Harcourt, I quite understand that investigation takes process, and considering the upheavals the commission may face in carrying out its responsibilities, which is enormous.

There are documents to this case, which has lingered for years, which is in possession of the commission.

May I also submit that, in my visit to the EFCC office on Friday, March 10, 2017, the operatives kept tossing me to bank fraud unit, back to the zonal head office, and back to the bank fraud unit, without knowing or understanding what to tell me.

In the bank fraud unit, one of the operatives said, the investigation on the case was closed and minuted to the Zonal Head, while at the zonal head office; I was informed that the case was ongoing.

I have been to the EFCC zonal office four times, in a space of  one week, on this case.

The EFCC Port Harcourt Zonal office needs to live up to its responsibilities, in the discharge of its primary duties.

I have decided to use the media in reaching you, to draw your attention to the anomalies at the South South Zonal Office of the commission as I am part of the media, which the confidence of the public needs to be restored, as members of the public are losing interest in cases which have been pending there and overdue for prosecution.

It is my strong belief, that upon receipt of this letter, you will use your good offices to cause justice to prevail, and the needed prosecution effected on the matter.

Thank you in anticipation of your prompt response.

Accept the assurances of my highest regards, Mr. Chairman.


Yours in service,

Eneh John,

Investigative Journalist and Human Rights Activist


Trail Reporters News,

Secretary, Coalition of Human Rights Defenders(COHRD)



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