Bauchi APC Crisis Deepens As Special Adviser Resigns Says Governor  Worsened Situation


From Yahaya Audu, Bauchi


Bauchi State Special Adviser Investment Honourable Samaila Sanusi Giade has resigned his appointment as the aide of Governor Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar.


Resigning his his appointment this evening at a press conference at NUJ Secretariat Bauchi Samaila Giade said that as an adviser he cannot see his Governor to advise him.


‎”Your Excellency  you are the sole determinant of the enabling environment, but regrettably, the environment has been unaccommodating, debilitating and non adviser friendly”.


He said after several consultation with his people it became high time for him to resigned because his people are not benefiting from the government.


“As you are aware our government come into being through the popular votes of the over whelming ‎majority of the good people of Bauchi. Therefore, the high expectations for divided of democracy from us by the electorate. This calls for the deployment of your wealth of knowledge and professional experience into play towards meeting the legitimate yearnings of aspirations of our people”.



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