[Interview] APC Youths Still Waiting On Buhari For Consolidation – Aginde 

Comrade Terver Aginde

Comrade Terver Aginde is a member of National Executive Committee (NEC) of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). He is also the the North-central zonal youth leader. In this interview, he speaks on the expectations of young men abd women members of the party, leadership crisis rocking the party and what the administration should do to retain massive support of Nigerian youths among others.

As a youths leader, how would assess performance of your party in almost two years in government? 

Well, as a member of the National Executive Committee of my party and the zonal youth leader north central zone, I would say the party has been faced with a lot of internal crises shortly after our victory but thank God, as a party that has experienced political managers as leaders, we are able to manage to put the party together. We are on the right direction.                    

APC enjoyed massive support of Nigerian youths in 2015 general elections, how much of this support would you say has been reciprocated by this government? 

Government is a large institution and we are still believing that President Buhari who loves the youth and believes in our ability to change things in this country for the better will not disappoint the youths. You can look at the on going programs of govt for the youths, you will know that the government is willing and ready work for the betterment of Nigerian youths. Where i have some little observation is in the area of appointments in govt institutions. We have not been given our fair share of appointments, like the ministry of youths and sports, we expected the president to pick one of our own or consult widely with Nigerian youths to produce one of our best for that position. We are still consulting on the issue of appointments for the youths, at the appropriate time we will make a public statement.

Are you not worried that not a single young man is in the cabinet of President Muhammadu Buhari? 

  We are worried because it has created a gap between the elites and the youths but like I said govt is a large institution so we are waiting to see how the government of president Buhari will consolidate on the remaining appointments. We are still on cause, the patient dog eats the fattest bone.

As a staunch member of APC, how do you feel when you hear Nigerians complaining of hardship, recession, hunger and so on? 

They have the right to complain of hardship, you cant blame them but first, they should also remember that the whole situation we have found our selves in was created by the previous govt but I believe that we will soon get out of it. A. P. C govt will do everything possible to bring back smiles on Nigerians faces. We have to be patient a little bit.                                                        

North-central is key to success of any political party that want to win election at centre, how prepare is your leadership to repeat what you did in 2019 for APC?     

The North Central is intact for APC and will always remain the deciding zone in Nigerian politics.

How do you think is the best way to solve crisis rocking APC leadership at national level? 

We dont have serious crises now but i think we really need to do more in recognizing the contributions made by people in giving A p c the victory. Before the victory, we have leaders who were controlling their various states and zones and this people needs to be respected and given their due honour, with that we will be completely crises free. We are making progress on that too.                                                        

What do you think responsible for several oppositions you governor, Samuel Otorm is facing in Benue state? 

My governor, the people’s governor is not facing any serious opposition in my state or from anybody. There’s one thing propaganda those, it destroys individuals if they are not focused but in the case of our governor, he has refused to chicken in to the propaganda some few criminals who put Benue people in to abject poverty are doing.  Just recently, There was a stake holders meeting in Benue, attended by all political parties, traditional Institution,youths,women and all other bodies in the state but no body could come out and condem the governors direction of governance. A p c is 100percent in Benue under the watchful eyes of Governor Samuel Ortom.

It is even reported that the governor will seek a second term, is the political atmosphere in Benue ripe for this?

The governor has never told anyone that his going in for second term, rather, he has outlined what he wants to achieve in his four years. The people will decide if they want him to continue when after his four years tenure has finished. As for the people of Benue, the governor is moving in the right direction and we need to give him more support.

The youth wing of APC has been very silent, what does that mean? 

We have not been silence, like i said, we are consulting and stratigizing, at appropriate time we will come out with a convincing statement. APC youths are intact.                                                     

If you have opportunity to advice President Buhari on what should be done to Nigerian youths, what would you be telling him? 

Mr President needs to have a round table talk with Nigerian youths, we are ready to help him succeed and he should not forget the unity and progress of his administration is rested on the support of Nigerian youths. He should give one of our own to head the ministry of youths and sports. Thanks.



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