“Anambra Can Be A Business Success Like China” – Ifeanyi Uba

Ifeanyi Uba

The Anambra state born visionary personage Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah has stated that with conscientious intervention policy, the commerce driven potentials of the state can be enhanced to become a commercial hub of the entire Sub-Sahara Africa. Speaking at his country home Nnewi during an interactive session with market leaders of the State, he stated “we are blessed with ideas that can replicate Chinese type of economic recovery here in Anambra State if government understands its role in commerce and economic rejuvenation”. It is not just about collecting tax but to create commercial enhancement policy relationship between Governments and business owners. A horizontal partnership with traders and other business owners in the state will create a thriving local economy that will set the state on the path of economic recovery but for this to happen, the state must invest in Private sector financing he re-iterated.


Ubah who went on to insist that Anambra state must think beyond waiting for Federal Government’s intervention when she can build a strong economy independently without seeking help from the center.

We as a state must get ambitious towards enhancing our commercial potentials by partnering with traders in the state. The 21st Century is not an age for lazy Sub-national governments, rather a century that beckons on States to build a thriving local economy. “You can’t grow a commercial activity in any territory where traders or investors are not reaping the dividends of democracy

“However, attracting business to the state is not enough, but making Policies that will reduce the cost of doing business in the state and creating a higher profit margin that will encourage business expansion and return on investment which will in turn aid our economic recovery. Without creating a road map for commercial activities, we will remain in the valley of economic dichotomy”. Ubah informed

The man many call ideological Prophet, stated that the Igbo race is endowed with the potentials to rival China in doing business, but regrets that our businessmen and women lack the requisite support from their state governments which their Chinese counterparts enjoy. ” We are the only black race that can mimic the Chinese style of doing business, but unfortunately our business players do not get government support like that of their Chinese counterparts. If I have the opportunity to govern Anambra state, I will not just replicate but internalize the Chinese model of commerce here in Anambra state “he said.  Ubah again stated that his knowledge of International business politics and that of local economy will help him achieve his set goals on issues of creating synergy between the international Business community and the local economy.


In his closing remarks, he concluded “I understand International business politics and how to synergize with foreign and local interest institutions for the benefits of our state’s commerce. The point is that a 21st Century business community needs government with knowledge of commerce to thrive”



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