Delta SDP Expresses Worries Over Okowa’s Failed Government

Gov. Okowa

The Delta State chapter of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), has made known its disappointment over Senator (Dr) Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa-led government in Delta State as the government has continued to foot drag in the development of the state.

Chairman of the party in the state, Ambassador Oke Idawene, said Deltans have become vulnerable to Okowa’s bad government and governance, stressing that the limitless possibilities promised by the governor during his former declaration and swearing in ceremonies are not forthcoming.

The vision of the governor to take Delta state to the status of the pacesetter in the Nigerian Federation by building an enduring legacy of wealth and prosperity has since been buried since he assumed office, “Deltans, how long shall we keep quiet and remain vulnerable to bad governance? Hon. Idawene asked.

Okowa has also pledged that at the end of his tenure as governor, Delta State would be one in which there are gainful employment opportunities, a flourishing agriculture and agri-business sector, effective health and educational systems, and renewed urban infrastructure and security that would enhance continued economic growth and the prosperity of all Deltan, two years into his government, Deltans has rather being subjected to abject poverty.

Okowa who also has dumped his commitment to the state has flooded the civil service and his cabinet with his kinsmen.

Hear his commitment: I believe in the unity of Delta State. Unity is fundamental and it shall be driven under my leadership with equity and justice with peace and security and through thoughtful policies that will deepen inter-communal relationships and character of the state”, this also has no place, Idawene said.

He boasted: “No one can doubt my deep knowledge and commitment to my people of Delta State to all the communities, the aspirations of the people, and the tremendous challenges facing us. My faith in Delta State is limitless, unwavering and bountiful. Even when my constituency became delimited by law to Delta North. I never ceased to be of service to the entire people of Delta State”, Hon Idawene described this as the climax of hypocrisy.

The party chair said, the programmes of Okowa-led administration which is encapsulated in the SMART agenda; strategic wealth creation projects and provision of jobs for all Deltans including meaningful peace building platforms aimed at political/social stability has not seen the light of day.

While Okowa’s agricultural reforms and accelerated industrialization. Relevant health and education policies and transformed environment through urban renewal are paper work as those actually empowered are those of Ika extraction and card carrying members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), which do not represent the state.

On infrastructural development, he said Okowa was working on 1-3 kilometre of roads yet to be completed, “in Delta state, majority of roads been worked on are done by the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC). He promised prosperity for all Deltans, today, its abject poverty for Deltans, workers are groaning, co-operative money contributed by civil servants in the state are been spent by government. He is a monarch and not an elected governor. His aides are moribund due to his style of leadership”.

On the 2016 budget performance, Idawene said “only 26% of the budget was executed because of his lazy nature of his administration, yet he increased the budget from N268.17 billion in 2016 to N270.910 billion in 2017. Contracts are been over bloated/inflated and cornered to only his allies”.

“He is practically using the antics of cosmetic measures to deceive Deltans. A closer and critical look at state like Anambra, Rivers, Cross Rivers and Akwa-Ibom, you asked, is there a governor in Delta State? We have never had it so bad”, he wept.

He revealed that in December 2016, N14.8 billion was remitted from the Paris Club which made it possible for other governors to pay 2017 January salaries and engaged in meaningful projects, “Okowa is just bereft of ideas, he is obsessed with money, enriching himself with his relatives and stooges”.

In his opinion, “Delta state belongs to all of us. We reject Okowa, Anioma please bring us another man to complete your second tenure. Governor Okowa is a gross error that needs to be corrected. The worst governor in the history of Delta State”.

The SDP chairman disclosed that Okowa has assessed about N100 billions of the Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission (DESOPADEC) 13% derivation, adding that by law N50 billion is to the state which represents 50% while N50 billion is to the Commission to develop oil producing communities, “Today, Okowa can’t account for the funds. DESOPADEC is sleeping”, he carpeted.

Passing his verdict on Okowa and his government, the dogged SDP scribe said, “We hereby make a wake-up call to all Deltans to arise and tell Okowa the truth from His vision to his pledge to his SMART programme, he has failed woefully for almost two years in office”.

“With about N300 billion naira loans and allocations plus special funds inclusive, these is no major achievement to show”, he stressed.

Meanwhile, a group known as Delta State Political Forum in a press statement signed by its National Coordinator, Chief Odima Afam Chukwu, the Secretary-General, Chief Ororo Dave Ogheneovo and the Publicity Secretary, Comrade Odume Val Odume and made available to media men in Asaba, while aligning itself with the SDP said, “We are also aware how Okowa is looting the state through phoney companies, using his brothers, friends, cronies to award billions of naira contracts to himself. We also know how Okowa is using the state funds to execute some of his constituency projects he failed to do during his days as a senator after collecting the money for such projects. Today DESOPADEC has no budget and Okowa cannot account for over N50.9 billion of the 13% derivation funds belonging to the commission”.



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