Why The South East And South South Must Leave PDP, APC Now – By Vincent Egunyanga


AS The 2019 general elections is coming close, we have seen lots of

alignments and the re alignment of forces going on in the country. I

even hear that some elements are planning a mega party. As all these

are  going on I call on the leaders of the South East in particular to

first listen to the cry and the grievances of their people in the

Nigerian Nation. There is militancy in the Niger Delta and the threat

of Secession in the South East. This is probably borne out of feelings

of marginalization or neglect in the Nigerian project.  I believe the

first solution to addressing these problem is for the South East to

have their own political party, where all Igbos will belong. This will

help address the problems of the people and reduce the cry of

marginalization. Many people in the South East are still in PDP

fighting for the party. The question is what has the people benefitted

for the support they gave to the party in the last fifteen or sixteen

years. In 2003 former President Olusegun Obasanjo when he went to flag

off his re election campaign in the South East went to Onitsha to flag

off the construction of the second Niger Bridge and Julius Berger was

moved into sight. After the election which he won the project was

abandoned.  Even  Jonathan administration could not build the bridge

despite the huge support and vote he got from the South East.

Jonathan could not raise ordinary Fifteen billion naira [N15B]  at the

time to start the construction of the second Niger  Bridge  but was

able to raise the same  amount  to pay for the damages done to ODI

after a sponsored court judgement, the entire Odi community is less

that 5000 people.  Dr Alex Ekwueme was a founder father of the PDP

that ruled this country for over fifteen years, now erosion is about

to wash away his ancestral home in Oko in Orumba Local government area

of Anambra state. so what are you still doing in PDP.  The solution or

the hope is not in APC  either.  In all of President Buharis’s public

life  both as a military Head of state or Chairman of the PTF he has

not seen Nigeria  beyond  Kaduna and  Katsina states.  Every other

state in the country  is Vassal  state.

The biggest fear am having in APC is not even Buhari but El Rufai.  El

Rufai was a Minister of the Federal Capital Territory [FCT]  who

demolished peoples houses especially houses belonging to non indigenes

in Abuja. The houses were demolished without compensation. I remembers

in December 2006 El Rufai told people travelling for Christmas to take

away all their belongings as their houses would be demolished before

they came back. And he did it. Today he is the governor of Kaduna

state and we read  Christians of Southern Kaduna are been slaughtered

on a daily basis, so far no arrest. I have no problem with Nasir el

Rufai being a tribalist or a Religious bigot. He is entitled to it.

But ordinarily such a person should not occupy any public office

beyond Local government Chairman or a Traditional ruler or even a

Religious leader so he can continue to protect and fight for his

people using their resources. My problem is that the way Nigeria is

structured Nasir  el Rufai may one day  become the President of

Nigeria using the resources of the country to protect and fight for

his own tribe and Religion.  In Nigeria great leaders that will see

all Nigeria as his constituency hardly ever emerge as President of the

country. That is Nigeria’s biggest problem.

I propose that ahead of 2019 the political leaders of the South East

and South should form their own political party present an acceptable

candidate from the area to vie for the Presidency of the country. To

me the area will get more respect, it does not matter whether such a

candidate wins or lose, a statement would have been made. It is shame

and a disgrace for the PDP to have zoned the 2019 Presidency to the

North. They will continue to suffer electoral defeat and shame unless

they change that decision now. I therefore propose that the people beg

DR MRS NGOZI OKOJO IWEALA  to contest the Presidential election in

2019 as the candidate of the South East and South  South .  This is

where the world is going now and we cannot be left out.

Vincent Egunyanga,  A Public Affairs Analyst Lives In Nigeria.



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