[Interview] Yuletide Celebrations:  Expect Visibility of Policing …Anambra First Female PPRO

ASP Nwode Nkeriuka (PPRO Anambra State)
ASP Nwode Nkeriuka (PPRO Anambra State)

The Assistant Superintendent of Police, Nwode Nkeriuka is the first female Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) in Anambra State Police Command, Southeast Nigeria.  She enlisted into the Nigeria Police as cadet ASP and passed out in flying colours. She is a graduate of Ebonyi State University, Ebonyi State. 

Before her recent appointment as the first female PPRO Anambra State Police Command, ASP Nkeriuka Nwode was attached to the Department of Operations, Anambra State Police Command. She has attended several conferences, seminars, locally and internationally on policing as well as other areas relevant to general policing.

Committed and detribalized Cop who abhors lies and sincerity, transparency and honesty as her guiding principles. ASP Nwode Nkeriuka is poised to bond the Anambra State Police Command, the media practitioners and the general public through best practices in public relations and policing. ASP Nwode Nkeriuka promised to employ best practices in public management to support the State’s Commissioner of Police CP. Sam Okaula in his renewed fight against crime and sundry offences in order to ensure the possible lowest level of criminality in the state, thereby guaranteeing the protection of lives and property in Anambra State.

In an interview she granted Nweke Nweke in Awka, the duty mindful female police officer among other things,  gave account of her boss and that of her own and their plan(s) to work in synergy with other sister organizations, aimed at actualizing crime free environment for the citizenry even as she assured for a crime free Christmas and New Year celebrations.

She has also assured to regularly interact and update the members of the public via media practitioners on the developments within the Command and on certain operational strategies. The State Police Image Maker desires to make the Command and bring to the manifestation the known maxim slogan; “Police is your Friend

Her Explicit:

As a female officer with this enormous task of molding the police image in the state, how do you intend to bring to the limelight, the operations of the officers and men of the State Police Command to the doorsteps of the members of the public?

The Anambra State Commissioner of Police, CP. Sam Okaula is no doubt, a silent operator. A well -groomed operational officer with so many years experience in fighting crime and criminality, with all sense of humility and God by my side, I had always left unforgettable legacy in places I had worked. Now that God has used my Commissioner of Police to shoulder me with this great responsibilities, I am going to put all within my reach to ensure that all the activities of the police and policing in Anambra State within my tenure in office would be a period that the general public would be able to say” there was a square peg in square hole” and myself would be able to say” I have done my best possible.

Within few weeks you and the Commissioner of Police assumed duty, the crime rate in the state has gone down drastically, what is the magic?

(Laughs) It is not magic; my hardworking Commissioner of Police, CP Sam Okaula is equal to the task. His hubby is to burst crime where ever he is. Thank you for noticing that the crime rate in Anambra has gone down drastically. It is as a result of the CP’s consolidation of already existing synergy between his predecessors, AIG Hosea Karma and other sister agencies. Despite this, I am still calling for more cordial and maximum cooperation of the members of the public in the area of useful information, credible information for that matter. On my side, the Almighty God who appointed me as the first female PPRO in the State, want me to partake in the history making of working with one of the notable crime fighters in the Nigeria Police. He (God) will definitely help me meet up with the present task.

Before your appointment as the first female PPRO Anambra State, where were you attached to?

Before my appointment, I was attached with the Department of Operations, Anambra State Police Command.

Can you describe your functions in a sentence as the PPRO?

My work is to contribute to the creation of a renewed image, not just for the Command but for the entire Nigeria Police and to also lift the flag of Nigeria and Anambra high. I am to also project a positive image of the force, work in tandem with the strategies of the Commissioner of Police, to propagate   his working principal especially in the area of bringing down crimes and criminality in Anambra State. I am to also take feedbacks from the Commissioner of Police to 177 communities to the state. I am going to stand as a bridge of gap between members of the public and the Nigeria Police Force. Most essentially, I operate an open door policy, people should be free to call me at anytime for their complaint, criticisms, amongst others that is the essence of my of position as the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO).

What do you have to tell Ndi-Anambra about bail?

The Anambra State Police Commissioner of Police, as the man I know very well, will and has never condoned the giving or taking of bribe. Bail is completely free. Mind you that he/she who gives bribe is guilty as he/she who receives the bribe. Let me use this medium to urge the members of the public to always report any act of bribery, especially among our officers and men promptly to the office of the Commissioner of Police. The Commissioner of Police, CP. Sam Okaula operates a policy of openness and accountability and has no patience for corruption.

Also, know that bail is obtainable in simple offences but in capital offences like; armed robbery, kidnapping, drug trafficking, amongst others, such bail are sought through the court of law.

Is there synergy and fluidity between the State Government and Anambra State Police Command?

Affirmatively, I must commend the number one citizen of the state, Chief Dr. Willie Maduabuchukwu Obiano(Akpokuedike) for his unrelated support to Anambra State Police Command both financially and otherwise. The Governor, being the Chief Security Officer of Anambra State, is partnering effectively and efficiently with the State Police Command, knowing fully well that Anambra State is almost a crime Free State and number one in the country in terms of security. And who made it possible, God, through Chief Dr. Willie Obiano the Executive Governor of Anambra State. Our Patrol vehicles, pick-up vans and other security gadgets are witnesses to this fact. My Commissioner of Police is thanking the Governor for his assistance towards security in the State and for fighting crime and reducing it to its beeriest minimum.

How does your relationship with other Security Agencies in the State look like?

It has being very cordial and we are relating fine though we work differently but all heading towards one direction. And what is that direction, to have a crime free Anambra State and make the State a better place for investors (both local and foreign) based on Anambra State slogan “The Light of the Nation”

Notably, with other security agencies, we are out to set a landmark for other states to emulate in terms of security in the country. The relationship with other security agencies has been so smooth and superb. Remember that “two good heads, they say; are better than one” and we have a Joint Taskforce (JTF) that involves other sister agencies.

How do you intend to relate with the public?

My boss, CP Sam Okalua, as I said earlier is an open door senior police officer and I as the image-maker of the Command will always work in line with the Commissioner of Police open door policy. By the time I might have worked and redeployed, the image of the police in the state command might be better than I met it. Let me also say that in many parts of the world, accountability between the public and the police is largely examined through the lens of journalism. In the past, our image was swimming in the mud; I am going to work in line with the vision and mission of CP Sam Okalua to create a new image for the police in Anambra state and beyond. I am the first female PPRO for the Command, and as a woman, just keep your fingers cross and see how it goes.

The Christmas and New Year festivals are at our doorsteps, what is the security of lives and property of the citizenry under the watch of CP Sam Okalua is going to look like?

I want to assure the members of the public of a crime free Christmas and New Year celebrations. Christmas and New Year periods are like every other period in the country because police is always at alert. The State Police Commissioner has adopted new strategies this time around. There is going to be high visibility policing. It is going be Joint Taskforce policing phenomenon as my CP has designed a work frame with other sister agencies. This is to ensure Anambra remains the safest State. For the first time in the history of the state on event celebrations, all the bridges, pedestrians, vehicular ones and even flyovers will have undercover operatives and there would be intensive surveillance in all these places. From feasibility study, I don’t envisage any problem even though it is; ‘man propose, God dispose’. With the smart American styled vehicles donated by the Executive Governor, Chief Willie Obiano to the State Police Command, the State Commissioner of Police has directed, and the vehicles have been strategically positioned already.

Sometimes, you see policemen on the road, conducting search on some vehicles, is it part of security measure(s) adopted by your boss? 

It is a standing order; I am appealing with the public to always stop when policemen on the road stop them. If there is any problem, you to let  the officer(s) know. There is a standing order on Stop and Search, the order must be obeyed, carried out but must not be abused.

Permit me Ma, to peep into your private life, 

(Cut in, which area of my private life? 

Sorry Ma, You are a pretty lady and as a woman with this enormous task, how do combine the PPRO job and your leisure together?

Before I made up my mind to join the police,  I knew there is leisure and I also knew that God made woman. So, I am applying what God endowed in me to do His wish while on earth and to Him alone be the glory.

Sorry PPRO, how do resist the temptations of some men who would behold your beauty and try to lure you into outside professional relaxation or call it outdoor enjoyment?

Well, in as much as I am an agent of open door policy officer of my State Commissioner of Police, I still have reservation for my dignity as a woman and the moment one goes contrarily to the police duties before me, whatever such means to the person is not my look out.

Lastly, what are your hobbies?

I enjoy reading, cooking, watching football and of course, most importantly, policing.

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