Fayose and Wike’s Law – By Joe Onwukeme

Ekiti State Governor, Mr Peter Ayodele Fayose distributing chicken, rice and money to the widow and aged in Ado Ekiti yesterday for the Christmas under the stomach infrastructure programme of his administration


Nigeria is in this sorry State because our prison is filled with the innocent while the guilty walk the streets free.

If not, how can those who the law made the Chief Security Officers of their States constitute themselves as mercenaries to disrupt and breach same security they swore to protect? Instead of working hand in gloves in ensuring those who contributed in plunging our economy to this anaemic state are brought to book, two governors have publicly identified with the corrupt and on many occasions shielded these wanted persons from being arrested.

It’s becoming increasingly worrisome how Governors Fayose and Wike of Ekiti and Rivers State respectively have not only risen above the law but have become the law unto themselves.

About two weeks ago, the Rivers State government was in the news for the wrong reasons, for obstructing the arrest of a Federal High Court judge in the early hours of the morning in Port Harcourt, the show of power by Wike and his thugs who resisted operatives from the Department of State Security Service (DSS) from gaining entrance into the judge’s residence also raised questions by concerned citizens who wondered why the judge would prefer to call Wike for rescue if he had no skeleton in his cupboard.

As if that was not enough, last week, Access Banks in Ekiti state were forced to shut down their operations on the orders of the State governor for simply carrying out an order given to them by EFCC, it didn’t end at shutting down the bank, the governor swore the bank would never operate in the State till the end of his tenure.

As it stands today, all you need to do as a wanted person to escape arrest is have the phone numbers of either Fayose or Wike or know someone who has the phone numbers. Once the fugitive is connected via phone to any of the two governors whether in the day or dead of the night, the arrest won’t just be halted automatically, the economic activities of the State will as well be grounded by any of the duo.

If not that they are protecting their citizens who are being witch hunted, it will be that their duty is to ensure there is no breakdown of law and order in the State. When you hear these two governors in defense of those who are wanted by security/anti-graft agencies for one financial scam or the other, it will give you a clearer view of how jobless some of our governors are. Who gave them the powers to stop one from being arrested even when such arrest is backed by a warrant?

We may forgive Fayose for his ignorance of the law for we know his back ground and exploits but for Gov. Nyesome Wike, who is a member of the bar to feign ignorance of the law in frustrating the arrest of a judge speaks volume about those whose mandates were empowered by the Supreme Court and not the people. Those who master the art of climbing trees with their teeth are in a better position to know the trees whose back are bitter.

Joe Onwukeme

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