Things President Buhari Has Done Wrong – By Akindiose Oyewande



 Nigeria’s economy went into recession for the first time in 25 years under President Buhari.
President Buhari increased fuel price that somewhere around 99% of the people don’t want.
He released 250 Boko Haram members and employed 250 ‘Civilian’ JTF members into the Nigerian Army.
Foreign firms are leaving in droves under President Buhari.
We have a minister of information with little followers on social media.
We have more part-time jobs now and very few full time jobs. Thanks to APC.
This is the most opaque administration in the history of Nigeria. Everything is done in secret.
Our president says importation of grass is one policy that will end Fulani mayhem.
His administration plans to manufacture pencils by 2018.
Denied he is not aware of the 100 days campaign covenant he made.
Trailer loads of rice meant for Internally Displaced Persons vanished without trace.
Sacked Kachikwu after he brought investments worth over $120 billion dollars.
Spent seven days and seven nights in a UN General Assembly in USA.
In the face of economic recession, flies around in nine planes.
Flew to London to check his ear while Aso Rock Clinic lacks medications.
Obliquely prosecuting Saraki for what we don’t know.
Obliquely backing Dogara for what we all know.
Wants more executive powers arrogated to himself.
Extra-judiciously killed Nigerians in the creeks of Ogun.
Extra-judiciously killed Nigerians in Delta State.
Extra-judiciously killed tens of Nigerians in Kaduna State.
Has refused to release detained Shiite leader, El-Zakzaky.
Indirectly stopped parents from sending dollars to their children abroad.
Sends his daughter to school abroad.
Rescued a Chibok girl whom, after she met with him in Aso villa, her family is yet to see her.
His wife only visits States in the North.
His wife called a sitting Governor a Dog, but he arrests a man for calling a dog Buhari.
High profile kidnaps, including the kidnap of an ambassador, occurred under his watch.
Nothing has really happened to corrupt people linked to Dasukigate, Ekitigate and Panama Papers.
Made Dangote drop out of the 100 richest people on earth.
Made Nigeria drop out of the richest country in Africa.
Sporting kits for Rio Olympic athletes arrived 3 days to end of Olympics.
Has refused restructuring of Nigeria.
Buhari’s nephew is his chief of staff.
Aisha Abubakar and Buhari’s mom are relatives. She too is in his cabinet.
Hadi Sirika is the minister of water resources. He is the son Buhari’s elder sister.
Amina Zakari is Buhari’s niece. She is an INEC commissioner.
There are many people who are his own cousins in the Presidency.
Mamman Daura is President Buhari’s principal adviser. He is his nephew.
Buhari has refused to prove he went to school. We just want him to show us his certificate.
Buhari has refused to publish his assets.
He refused to investigate his friend, Burutai, for properties worth billions in Dubai.
He claims to have saved N3 Trillion from TSA and he has recovered 9 Billion dollars from Looters and yet we are going round the world looking for 2 Billion dollars to finance our budget.
Buhari’s appointments exemplify tribalism and nepotism to say the least.
Corrupt politicians are serving in Buhari’s cabinet.
Buhari once said “Abacha stole no money” yet Buhari is going about to recover Abacha’s loot.
Buhari said “Oil subsidy does not exist” yet Buhari removed oil subsidy that does not exist.
Buhari banned all overseas medical treatment for all government functionaries. Few days after that he went on medical treatment abroad.
President Buhari is a grand patron of the 4th most deadly terror group in world.
“So far President Buhari has done all the wrong things in the books. He is incredibly slow in taking actions and when he does it is always diametrically opposed to sensible policy.



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