Uche Secondus: PDP’s Solution Or Part Of The Problem? – By Isiaka Ahmed

Uche Secondus
Uche Secondus

What does Uche Secondus still want in the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)? That is the multi million dollars question agitating the minds of party chieftains as they head to Port Harcourt, Rivers State this week for the party’s National Convention.

Secondus is aspiring to be the PDP deputy National chairman 1 in the party’s Convention. He is not a new comer in the leadership of the party, having held different offices in the party in recent times.  First he was National Organizing Secretary,  from there became deputy National chairman.  After the resignation of former PDP national chairman, Adamu Muazu he emerged acting national chairman of the party. Secondus held sway as the party’s leader until key stakeholders in the party appointed former Borno governor, Ali Modu Sheriff as the national chairman.

Many believe that the inability of Secondus to quickly handover the position of National chairman to a candidate from North East is the precursor to leadership crisis currently rocking the party.

It is sheer foolhardiness to still allow those who have been part and parcel of PDP’s inglorious past to come at a time the party is grasping for a new lease of life. It is straightforward truism that whatever solution they failed to administer then, they surely would still not administer it now.

Every lover of democracy feels that the once largest party in Africa needs fresh ideas, fresh impetus, reinvigoration and rejuvenation and this can never still come from the old guards who by their recklessness, gross incompetence and greed plunged PDP into this sorry state.

I acknowledge the sacrosanct fact that there is nothing wrong in Secondus seeking to return as the party’s deputy National chairman at the Port Harcourt Convention, especially against the backdrop that apart from been qualified for the position, it is right to contest for any position he seems fit.

But beyond that, analysts argue that there was need for the former PDP deputy to quit the stage at this time, as he is perceived to be a contributor to the leadership crisis in the party which has rocked the former ruling party to its very foundation. Again, there seems to be nothing new that Secondus will be bring to the table.  Whatever ideas, he might be canvassing is the same old ideas he may propounded in the best, which has over lived its usefulness.

It’s also instructive to know that amongst those who have shown interest towards galvanizing what I may call the new PDP, it seems Prince Secondus is the only one being recycled from the previous NWC.

The party leaders should simply pause for a while and feel the purse of the people. If the party leaders engage in this simple exercise, they will simply realise that people need a new order of doing things. Therefore electing someone like Secondus in this make or break convention will only go to show that the party is not very serious with internal reformation.

They also argue that what the party needs at this point is a clean break from the past especially as it concerns those who lead it at the National level.  This is because for the PDP to survive as a political party it needs to be totally re-engineered and refocused. Consequently,  the party needs a crop of new leaders imbued with fresh ideas and energy to drive the re-engineering process.  Anything apart from that will be catastrophic for PDP and make its quest to regain power in 2019 a mere wishful thinking.

The plain and painful truth is that this Port Harcourt convention will be like no other and the party cannot afford to slip back to its post 2015 elections slumber because with the state of our nation today, and with careful and purposeful leadership, nothing says PDP cannot bounce back in 2019. But the party must put its house in order and the surest way to do this is to look elsewhere other the old guards in choosing its leaders in Port Harcourt. A word they say is enough for the wise.

Isiaka Ahmed, a political watcher wrote in from 15 Biliri crescent, Garki Abuja



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