Tell Us Your Anti- Flood Plan, Not Endorsements, APC Raps Obiano

Dr. Chris Ngige - Minister of Labor and Employment


Our great party calls on the government of Anambra state to outline the plan it has laid out for the management of anticipated heavy flooding along the coast of the Lower River Niger, which by projection will impact seven local government areas (LGAs) of Anambra State, with three more projected for  second line impact.

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We have moved away from 2012 when the APGA  GOVERNMENT of the day celebrated  its action of giving bread, butter  and at after the event than plan on the basis of timely meteorological warning before.


We know it for a fact that government had casually advised people in the coastline to move, but we do not see that as a profound cause of action that should issue from a government that realizes its responsibility to the people.


Our fears are heightened by the fact that despite early signs and early warnings, the 2016 budget of Anambra State  and subsequent supplementary budgets laid more emphasis on debts  being incurred by Anambra State and monies being wasted by those who being  close to the governor are not agencies of government but none the less spend government money.


Our call has arisen out of concern that if a flood occurs within Anambra State jurisdiction in the anticipated moment, government would begin their usual helter-skelter run and production of knee-Jerk documentaries that contain narratives of turning rights into privileges and seeking to earn credit from half-hearted palliatives on avoidable hazards.


We trust that this plan will be in the open before one week to enable Anambra State citizens understand their role if any in the anticipated humanitarian intervention.


We cannot but warn that any Anambra life lost to flood or casualty incurred as a result of the usual lack of proactive plan, arising from the APGA –controlled state government which has so far paid more attention to a concerted program of coerced endorsements for an elusive second-term project than address the basic, life-threatening needs of Anambra State.


We pledge our continued support to the riverbed LGAs, within the limit possible outside government, as our chapter of our great party has so far done.




Okelo Madukaife

State Publicity Secretary




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