Actualization Of Biafra, A Question Of Time – Cleric

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As pro Biafra groups putting final touches to tomorrow’s protest march against the continued detention of the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra,  IPOB, and the granting of an independent state OF Biafra, a cleric, Bro. Samuel Ajayi has predicted that a new state of Biafra would soon be actualized.

Speaking in Aba, Abia state, Ajayi who is the founder of the John 3:16 Ministries, Aba, insisted that the actualization of Biafra would be achieved with time, stressing that it would be one of the major events in the world which would herald the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The cleric said that the actualization of Biafra was just a question of time, adding that abandoning the course would mean the Igbo disappointing God.

While expressing optimism that the light must shine in Igbo land again, Ajayi noted that Ndigbo have sinned against God which was responsible for what they are passing through in Nigeria.

Quoting Nehemiah 5:8-9 he said, “Ndigbo have sinned against God, they are deep in idolatry, that’s why they were sold to foreigners and are in this situation. They must return to God if they want their request to be granted. It is the same sin that have made kidnapping and other violent crimes to persist in Igbo land which was blessed from creation. The actualization of the state of Biafra would herald the second coming of Jesus Christ.”

He urged Ndigbo to turn away from their sins and embrace God; adding that his ministry on its part has been praying fervently to God for the liberation of the people.



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