Prophet Predicts Another Civil War In Nigeria


…Says “There’ll be Air Crash In Imo Soon”

A prophet of the Royal House of David, Godfrey Gbujie has predicted that Nigeria would witness another civil if the nation’s leader, President Muhammadu Buhari did not act swiftly to resolve the national questions.

This is even as the man of God said a serious air disaster would soon be recorded within the airspace of Imo state.

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Gbujie , who gave the revelations in a press briefing held at his Akabo, Ahiara Mbaise, Imo State country home yesterday said that blood sucking demons were roaring across the six zones of the nation, noting that an honest approach in handling the affairs of the nation was needed from Buhari and other leaders of the nation to avert the imminent war.
The prophet had predicted before the 2015 general elections that Buhari and Imo Governor, Rochas Okorocha would win in the 2015 presidential and guber elections, but told the media not to publish about Okorocha’s revelation.


He said “God’s anger on the leaders of northern Nigeria was enormous in that another terrible rebellious group in addition to Boko Haram will spring up from the north very soon’’, he said.

According to Gbujie, “this second rebellious group will be led by two seasoned Nigeria trained army generals and soon after a more terrible and fiercer opposition group led by a younger trained Nigeria military commander will emerge from the south.

“This southern force will eventually cause the final disintegration and collapse of Nigerian nation”, he said.
He said that two signs would herald his prediction. The first, according to him, would be a serious air disaster to be recorded within the Imo airspace soon.


“The nose of the aircraft shall point towards the west and the burning tail, pointing to the east’’, he said.

“Another sign is that two very prominent Nigerians working and walking in partnership along a north/south highway shall make history.

“As they walk along, suddenly, the senior partner will get struck to death due to circumstance not very clear and this will result to a serious commotion and public revolt in Nigeria’’, he said.
He said that Nigeria under the present administration of President Muhammad Buhari was passing through a gathering storm of God’s anger and pitiable dangers.

Gbujie said that what informed his public revelation on the spiritual messages was the need for Nigerians and the world to take note and possibly apply the solutions to avert the dangers ahead.

“Due to certain overwhelming development in the spiritual realm over the federal republic of Nigeria, within the last few months, in my Christian divine ministry as God’s commissioned and covenanted prophetic watchman over the nation.

”I could not help but step out on faith to boldly and courageously open up and deliver to you certain message of the development for onward dissemination to the public and government and people of Nigeria’’, he said.

Gbujie while presenting the solutions to the predictions urged Buhari to urgently resolve the nation question.

According to Gbujie, “for Buhari to resolve the nation question, he shall convoke a conference for various parts of Nigeria to state if they still want to remain one country or not.’’

On the anti-graft campaign, the man of God stated that the way and manner the anti-graft was going on was one of the major issues threatening Nigeria’s unity especially amongst the nation’s armed forces.

“I suggest that the federal government should establish zonal anti-graft committees to be constituted by Nigerians of impeccable characters to reduce the gravity of raging anger and storm against the present administration’’, he said.

Gbujie urged the media to dutifully disseminate the news he presented for public consumption, saying, “disseminate this news very courageously, patriotically and even drearily and God will bless and protect you.’’

He said God righteous anger was rising against the Nigeria nation, adding that if urgent spiritual measures are not taken, the situation might snowball to another civil war and violent disintegration of the country.

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