Shi’ites In Nasarawa Protest Continued Incarceration Of Al-ZakZakky, Rape Of Women by Military

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Thousands of shi’ite members in Nasarawa state took to the streets of Lafia calling for the immediate release of their leader, Ibrahim Al ZakZakky who was still in being detained by the military.

The shi’ite members offered prayers for God to avenge the Zaria carnage on behalf of those that died in the hands of the military.

The members poured encomium by singing the praises of their leaders. Some condemned the brutal arrest of the leader of the movement. The leader of Youth Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Ahmed M. Soho and the female youth leader, Badiyyah Yahaya indicated they were protesting over the coordinated and brutal attack on members of the movement by the soldiers in Zaria.

The members also alleged the massacre of over one hundred members amidst a twenty seven (27) hours of indiscriminate shooting and bombing by the army. They described the decision of the military as a gross violation of Fundamental Human Right without any sign of remorse.

The youth Islamic movement stated that the reaction of the military was a war crime against fellow Nigerians. Soho posited that seven hundred and thirty (730) remain missing – saying the whereabouts of scores remain unknown.

“The home of Al Zakzaky, film village, Islamic centers and cemetery were demolished while graves were dug up and desecrated by Kaduna state Government. The Youth Forum Of The Islamic Movement of Nigeria also lamented over the killings of students.

“The hundred members that were kidnapped, which include the injured, were denied treatment, they were raped, tortured in army detention centers.” The movement described the attacked meted on shi’ites as inhumane.

According to the youth leaders, the military’s claim of the movement’s blockage of the road against the Army Chief of Chief theory was laughable. “We were not stockpiling weapons are alleged by the Nigerian military boys. Not even a single bullet was found at the leader’s residence”.

The movement called for the immediate and unconditional release of the leader and his wife as well other members of the movement in detention. “We also called on the concerned authority to release corpses of our members killed by the army for proper burial”.

The leaders also called on Government to summon courage and live up to it’s morality and accept it’s crime by paying diyyah to all affected families and relations.



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