Nothing Should Happen to Fani-Kayode,Osun Group Warns PDP Chairman 


Osun Ibile Forum has warned the new chairman of Peoples Democratic Party , Senator Ali Modu Sheriff over his threat against former Aviation Minister , Chief Fanikayode.

In a statement signed by its Coordinator , Prince  Adeoluwa Adesegun ,the group said Chief Fanikayode statement on Boko Haram was already in public domain,wondering why Senator Sheriff should issue personal warning on an issue already of public knowledge.

” We are using this opportunity to warn that nothing untoward should happen to one of our leaders , Chief Oluwa kayode Fanikayode. The former minister is a committed party man and he has every right to defend the credibility of his party. There is nothing on earth that  should warrant a direct personal threat to a public figure like Fanikayode.

” For us on this forum, we stand by Chief Fanikayode and we say it loud and clear that we uphold his fight for justice, credibility and due process in the reform of the PDP.He is a man known for speaking his mind and most of the time , he speaks the truth many are afraid of saying.

” If truly Senator Sheriff is a statesman, why should he issue a threat as strong as that against a party man? At a time he should be pursuing reconciliation, is it right for the chairman to engage in open brawl”,the group asked.

The group concluded by nothing that PDP cannot regain power if it fails to engage in genuine reforms, adding “PDP should encourage rather than silence the voice of reason like that of Fanikayode “



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